July 25, 2024


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Wolf card game review

Wolf card game review

Coyote by Spartaco Albertarelli (Heidelbär Games) is a simple and fast trick-and-card game with simple rules and a very nice and very special illustration.

How does the Coyote card game work?

The game is also explained in a few words. Each player receives two cards with the face up and one with the eye open, in addition to a digital card that he places in front of him in a card holder without looking, so that the front of the card with the number is in the middle. From the table. If everyone did, now all players see the other players’ cards, but they just don’t know their number card. Finally, one of these number cards is placed upside down from the draw pile in the center of the table and away from you.

The starting player now estimates the total of all the cards he can see, including the flipped card in the middle, as well as his own card in the cardholder, which he also does not know. The next player can now decide if he believes in the appreciation of the previous speaker and then gives a higher estimate on his own or whether he doubts the information provided. Then all the cards in play are revealed and added. If the Ancestor gives too high a rating, he loses one of his eye cards and the Skeptic may turn one of his closed eye cards to open it. However, if the estimate provided is correct, then the opposite is true. If you still have open eyes cards in the game and flipped one of them, you can look at the hole card value in the middle of the table for more information. Whoever loses all three of his Eye Cards is eliminated and the last player to leave the round wins. Special cards and additional game variants ensure more action and keep the game rounds fun.

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Wolf - Genesis - Photo by Heidelbär

Is wolf blackjack good?

The game instructions don’t leave any questions unanswered, and the game material is good quality and well performing. In previous versions of Coyote, players still had to attach cards to their foreheads with a strip of fabric. If you start with aesthetics and playability, the current version with cardholders looks more successful and easier to play.

Wolf - Box Art - Photography by Huckle Bear

In conclusion, it can be said that Coyote is quickly played and is also very fun. Some similarities with the dice game Trick Absolutely. Even if there is Trick Our favorite remains, both games are super fun for us and so both will always find a place on our toy rack.