September 24, 2021


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Firefox Mozilla browser download segurança

With this little new feature Mozilla will bring more security to Firefox

Internet security is always an element and an important guarantee for users. Simple way to ensure it with strong strategies and browser security.

With the important work being done in this field, Mozilla has given more and more power to Firefox. The most recent ones are being made and will be coming soon. A simple change in the browser will ensure greater security.

Although not the best performing browser, Firefox was able to stay on top of user preferences. It has lost ground, but it is still one of the most used browsers. The reasons are obvious and everyone recognizes their abilities.

The latest change found in this browser wants to make Firefox more secure. It will be used without the users' knowledge and will ensure that they are protected against their own actions and distractions.

What was seen in the latest versions of Firefox is that this browser now prevents downloading files from links in HTTP. In this way, Mozilla guarantees the highest level of security, as all communications are carried out in an encrypted form.

Download Firefox Mozilla Browser Security

However, this module will not be bulk and will not be used for all downloads made by the browser. Design by Mozilla imposes this limit only on websites with HTTPS. In other words, it prevents unsafe downloads from sites with high security levels.

This is not a new feature in other browsers. Google has been implementing it for years now whenever it tries to download files from insecure sites.

From what is known, this news will come very soon. It's the next version of Firefox, with the number 92, coming out on September 7th. This would be a significant improvement and would give users a lot of security, albeit in a passive and almost incomprehensible way.

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