August 19, 2022


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With these tips it also works for beginners

Consoles are a great thing and perfect for relaxing couch sessions, but we usually only experience really great performance and, above all, a larger game library through good gaming PCs.

Buying an already assembled computer is the simplest solution, of course, but we generally advise against doing this, since such computers usually have shortcomings in important areas that can be avoided by assembling a computer yourself. You can often get rid of it at a cheaper rate.

Since many gamers, especially those who immerse themselves in this wonderful world, do not dare to put together their own gaming PC, we have some important tips for you today.

The most important basis is a good processor and a powerful graphics card

Without a brain, we humans wouldn’t be able to do anything. So does the computer. You can almost describe the processor as the brain of your gaming PC. As with humans, there are fewer brains and more strength. The performance you need for your computer depends entirely on what you want to do with your computer.

If that’s only enough for a few regular rounds of CS: GO, Fortnite, or maybe The Sims 4, you can save a lot at this point. However, if you are aiming for games that require good performance like Eldenring or Far Cry 6, you will definitely have to use newer versions and spend more.

We recommend investing directly in one of the newer processors so that it can also handle the upcoming games that may require more CPU power. In the long run, this is cheaper than having to upgrade over and over again.

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The latest versions of the AMD Ryzen series have proven particularly effective. Currently 6 cores are still quite enough for gaming, but since games are currently making a huge leap in terms of progress, we recommend at least an octa-core processor.

The same principle of selection should also be applied to the graphics card. If you are aiming for AAA games and want to keep playing for a while and not despair when GTA 6 finally comes out, you should definitely invest in a newer model.

Many gamers rely on GeForce graphics cards

No less important: RAM and hard disk space

The best processor and the best graphics card are useless without enough RAM. To understand: 4 GB of working memory, also known as random access memory (RAM), is just enough for simple MS Office work.

To keep up with the gaming world and run the latest games, you need 16GB of RAM these days. If you want to protect yourself in the future and have the money, you can also invest in 32GB of RAM.

Now we only need space for all the games we plan to play in the future, and as games continue to demand more disk space, you should have at least 1TB, although we recommend more.

In order for your computer to run faster and load times to be reduced dramatically, you should definitely get an SSD hard drive and when it comes to reinstalling your computer, it is best to create at least two partitions (this works initially when you install Windows).

So create a C partition of about 120 GB, and Windows will be installed there with all its components and nothing else. All games, programs, videos, photos, etc. go to the second partition. If you ever get infected with a virus, just clean the second partition and not set up your computer from scratch.

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Correct motherboard is essential

The motherboard doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to provide enough space for the individual components. The graphics card, RAM, and hard disk are connected to the motherboard, among other things.

Make sure you have enough space for the RAM bars and that the graphics card slot is also compatible with your graphics card. The processor is located at the heart of the motherboard. As a rule, these are always compatible, but a closer look at the description does not hurt.

Housing, ventilation and power supply

When it comes to the case, beginners in particular don’t take a closer look or care more about a great design than whether it’s functional. The important thing in this case is that it saves enough space, just like the motherboard.

The individual components need space and air to breathe. If you don’t have enough space, components can overheat quickly, and if you’re not lucky, a new graphics card will quickly wear out.

So good cooling is important. However, a water cooling system does not have to be expensive, especially since the risk of leakage remains. If the case has only one fan, it is not good. Nowadays, you should already have about four well-placed fans in the case.

gaming pc case
It is always said that size does not matter. This is not the case with the case.

Last but not least, we need power for our gaming PC which requires a power supply. For a computer that is not used for gaming, a power supply of about 250-300 watts will suffice. But since a dedicated graphics card, which is needed for gaming, needs quite a bit of power, you need about 1,000 watts of power for a gaming PC.

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In any case, pay attention to the wattage for which the power supply you get is designed. You can also be sure that the power supply is quiet, but this is of course only convenient advice.


In the end, assembling your own computer isn’t a blatant science and you don’t have to be a trained professional to do it. When connecting individual components together, you must, of course, follow the instructions carefully, as you can quickly cause something to smoke if the cables are connected incorrectly.

But we believe that with a little common sense and confidence, anyone can do it themselves. By the way, we recommend the alternative page to find the right ingredients. There you can use the Computer Configuration Tool, which will help you find the right one and immediately assess whether everything is compatible with each other.