April 18, 2024


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With Simple Efficiency, Canadian Water Savings’ Smart Valve™ Cuts Water Utility Costs 15 to 35 Percent

Sustainability. Conservation. Environment stewardship. Today, these are important goals for responsible people and policymakers. Because these issues have complex origins and effects, it is often assumed that the solutions need to be complex too.

To cut harmful vehicle emissions, industries and governments have mobilized to create incentives for electric vehicles, paired with disincentives for internal combustion engines. The policies, technologies and supply chains are complex. The lithium batteries and other components used to manufacture electric vehicles require an array of metals, many of them rare. The same is true of solar panels, wind turbines and electrical storage equipment that supports carbon-neutral energy generation.

But when it comes to nature’s most basic resource, water, some of the best solutions are the simplest. Smart Valve™ is one such basic technology. The Smart Valve™ is a small and extraordinarily efficient device that attaches to the water system of any residence or business, generating estimated cost savings of 15 to 35 percent.

Small, but powerful. Easy to install, and easy to track its progress in drying up system leaks and shrinking costs.

For thousands of property managers across North America, Smart Valve has arrived just in time. Available water and energy supplies have dropped, even as demand has steadily risen. For homeowners and businesses alike, monthly utility bills have skyrocketed, forcing tough choices, including extreme conservation measures.

For many residential complexes, commercial buildings and retail properties, cash is literally leaking from inefficient water system infrastructures. With Smart Valve™, it is possible to save hundreds or thousands of dollars each month by improving the efficiency of aging or overtaxed water systems. More than 20,000 businesses in the U.S. and Canada have discovered these cost-management benefits.

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Canadian Water Savings, Inc. is the North American distributor of Smart Valve™. The company’s guarantee promises savings of at least 15 percent, but many customers have reported a 35 percent drop in measured water use and water utility expense.

In Toronto, for example, a condominium complex is saving 28 per cent on its water bill, thanks to Smart Valve™. That represents a savings of nearly $2,000 for each monthly water bill. After installation, efficiency actually increased over the first several months of use.

Although Smart Valve™ is based on leading-edge technology, the engineering principles that make it all work are simple: Whenever water flows through any faucet, air is mixed with the water. This happens naturally as a result of the turbulence created when water accelerates through pipes. This air adds volume to what is measured by water meters, driving up costs.

The Smart Valve™ removes air from the water system. It does this by creating back pressure that reduces turbulence, maintaining an even flow through the pipes. Without the air bubbles in the water, there’s less total volume for a water meter to measure.

Everything about Smart Valve™ is simple. Even removing the device from water systems is easy, if that’s your choice. No hassle, no complex manual required, no special tools, and no interruption in water flow through the pipes.

In the end, it’s refreshing that at least some of the issues facing businesses, consumers, nations and indeed the entire planet have simple solutions.

For more information on the Smart Valve™ visit https://canadianwatersavings.com or call: 1.855.237.2669.

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