December 1, 2023


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With artificial intelligence, Amazon wants to save you from digging through a bunch of reviews

With artificial intelligence, Amazon wants to save you from digging through a bunch of reviews

The amount of time you actually spend on product reviews cannot be measured. Amazon won’t give me back time, but maybe save me from it in the future.

Amazon announced in a press release that Amazon relies on artificial intelligence for product ratings press release in. With the help of AI-generated review features, the online retailer wants to show customers at a glance what the majority think about a product.

Since the beginning in 1995, customer reviews have been a staple of the Amazon platform. Over time, the company has greatly expanded the functionality related to reviews. Today, customers can include not only text, but also photos and videos in their rating.

In order to increase the breadth and diversity of reviewers, in 2019 Amazon† began allowing customers who purchased an item on Amazon to leave a short one-star review without having to write a full review.

Now Amazon goes one step further and is testing AI-generated review highlights. The technology summarizes the most important data from customer reviews about a product and displays it prominently on the product page. Interested parties should be able to see if a product is something for them at a glance.

Image: Amazon

According to Amazon, AI basically helps filter out common traits from a large number of reviews. The testing phase is currently running in the USA. If the response is positive, AI-generated review highlights could soon be published in other countries and categories.

At the same time, Amazon wants to ensure that reviews remain authentic. Using machine learning, fake reviews are automatically detected and deleted. In this way, the group wants to ensure that customers can continue to rely on product reviews in the future.

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Regarding the use of artificial intelligence, the competition is currently experiencing rather bad experiences. So our expectations are still a bit limited.

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