November 27, 2021


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Windows on ARM Macs blocked by a special agreement ›

Windows on ARM Macs blocked by a special agreement ›

There has been movement in discussions with Apple processors about the official offer of Windows for Macs. A report from Business Magazine XDA-Developers Microsoft and Qualcomm, the processor manufacturer, have primarily contracted to deliver Windows to ARM processors, which by law fails primarily.

The collaboration was closed in 2016 by Microsoft and Qualcomm before the announcement of Windows for ARM processors. Although Microsoft has always been silent on this topic, the agreement with Qualcomm has always been the main reason why the ARM version of Windows, along with the quantum processor-based hardware, is called the OEM version.

The exclusive agreement between Microsoft and Qualcomm expires soon. This will pave the way for licensing by other manufacturers. Accordingly, Apple may take the necessary steps to run Windows applications on M1 computers, comparable to those achieved with the help of the boot camp on the Intel Max.

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