May 31, 2023


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Windows 11: Office changes with the new operating system

Windows 11: Office changes with the new operating system

The popular Microsoft Office software package will make some changes under Windows 11. The Redmond Company has it in detail Website Announce and provide the first information about the new version. First, the technology in the background was well designed. Applications such as Excel, Outlook and Go will run by default on 64-bit versions with ARM processors in the future.

What happens in the background is that the store has some performance improvements for users with the appropriate devices that rely on this combination. You can already try upgrades through the Office Insider program in the beta channel of software applications.

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Office under Windows 11: A new look for familiar programs

The new design of office programs is based on Windows 11.

Image: Microsoft

But Microsoft has also worked on optics. This is how Office Programs fit in with the general look of Windows 11. The first thing you notice are the rounded windows. The quick access menu is now basically hidden to refine the interface a bit. A right click on the menu bar brings the whole thing back.

However, for most users, office themes should be the biggest innovation. This is because they should now automatically be compatible with Windows 11 system systems. It includes dark mode, gray, white and color modes.

The new look should not be reserved for Windows 11 users only. The programs are offered a new design under Windows 10. Here, too, changes can already be attempted via the Insider program.

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