November 30, 2021


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Windows 11: Microsoft führt den Bluescreen wieder ein

Windows 11: Microsoft reintroduces the blue screen

The overall update currently released to the Windows Insider on the beta channel and release preview channel is KB5007262 and creates 22000.346 to build Windows 11, which brings a special kind of “feature update”: the blue screen celebrates its comeback. Currently resolving it and only reintroducing the black screen.

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Will be firm in tradition

According to the official release notes of Windows 11 Insider Preview Built 22000.346, Microsoft is bringing back the blue screen known for many years instead of the black screen introduced only in the Windows 11 release.

As with previous versions of Windows we changed the color of the screen to blue when the device stops working or a shutdown error occurs.


Most recently in Windows 95 and Windows 98, the blue screen became a company under Windows as a scenario for applications, services, drivers or the complete operating system crash. With the release of the first pre-release version of Windows 11, Microsoft wanted to break this “tradition” and paint the display black.

Next roll backwards

The opinion of insiders seeking to reclaim the well-known blue screen apparently moved Microsoft backwards to a role, not the first time. With the Fall 2022 Update alias Windows 11 22 H2, drag and drop will return to the taskbar.

Further information is provided by the authorities Windows 11 Insider Blog.