August 7, 2022


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Windows 10: The fastest update for games is finally available!

a Microsoft We just released an update that might be what we’ve all been waiting for. At least those who are playing and who have been complaining about many falling frames and other defects, including the sound. Nobody wants slow games and this update will solve that. As a matter of fact, the last person should have done it by now but it didn’t really work. The new game update applies to Windows 10 versions 21H1, 20H2, and 2004. To download it, just use Windows 10 Updates and the new update is included in the optional updates.

Windows 10: The fastest update for games is finally available!

As you see over here There are many fixes in this new update and I will point out the most important ones.

Windows 10 update games

From the start, the issue that was preventing some games from working has been resolved. The situation where the sound in games comes out of nowhere when the game controller is pressed has also been resolved. However, the slow game issue has been resolved. It’s what caused low frame rates and decreased performance in most titles.

The new update also fixes problems with printers, especially those connected via USB. Same with the situation where the internet was not detected yet we were using a VPN.

This is great news, especially because of the gaming issue.

Windows 10 update games

At the time of writing it is not yet available but eventually when you read this article it will or should be in the next few minutes. If you don’t want to use Windows Updates, you can download the update manually over here.

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This has been an issue with Microsoft’s operating system since March. We’ve installed security updates from that time and turned on turtle mode. Moreover, there were also many sudden changes in the game’s frames. Now after many complaints, Microsoft released a fix in April. However it was later included in the July patch Tuesday. The point is that the problem is not solved. Now gone.

What caused this problem?

This situation is not about drivers or anything like that. In fact, it is related to Windows 10 power plans. Due to an error, the correct usage plan cannot be applied. So we want to play something and the computer in some kind of energy saving. Needless to say, this way we will never get full speed.

Windows 10 update games

In the meantime, we await your feedback in the comments to see if the issue has already been resolved.