September 26, 2023


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Will humans die or become machines? future development

They are almost independent organisms that arise after natural evolution, do not reproduce, but may someday become part of our biology, comparable to the microbes in our gut. “The door to the world of artificial life is wide open,” author Lange says: “Slowly, a parallel, quasi-living world will appear alongside the real world.” Thus it helps shape our development.

Artificial intelligence will change our evolution

However, Lange describes the rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) as the most serious factor in the changes to come. He would have changed medicine significantly in ten to twenty years: “Preventive medicine must eventually become smart, forward-looking medicine,” he wrote. AI will be able to capture the “complexities of the human body” and thus “opportunities to make decisions that are safer than humans.”

This alone will change human biology and the evolutionary stature that fits Earth as a species. but that is not all. Axel Lange also speculates on the possible consequences of evolution if utopian ideas about the fusion of man and machine come true. Human-machine hybrids, called cyborgs, could emerge, and thanks to new self-learning algorithms, AI could become more human-like. And one day, machines may fully embrace human characteristics.

With Mind Upload, content from entire brains will be uploaded to computers, which will then think like specific individuals and adopt their personality. “At the not-too-distant end of this massive development impulse, humans and machines, or human and machine intelligence, were fully integrated. It wasn’t people who became machines at the time, but rather machines that became like people and much more,” wrote Lang, not from Without clearly expressing his doubts about such developments.

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