May 27, 2024


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Will be mr. X Nightmare DLC available this year

Almost a year after its release, it will introduce the first paid DLC fighting game, which will bring in new fighters and new gameplay modes in order to jeopardize Mr. X’s plans.

Credit: Dotemu

Many fans of the latter op Fury Street 4, Which has also been called Pegasus 2021. Released in April 2020, while the pandemic allowed many people to indulge (or restore) video games, the title capitalized on its comeback after 25 years of absence to hit hard. To celebrate the success of the game, which has just surpassed 2.5 million downloads, Lizardcube and Dotemu have revealed that they will be rolling out DLC as well as a free update this year.

What do we know about DLC content?

DLC holds the title “Mr. S. Nightmare” – or Mr. X’s Nightmare in French – and will bring three new characters, one of which has already been revealed. This is Estel Aguirre, who finally joined the ranks of the Axel Stone Group after playing the enemy who must be defeated. Dotemu stated that, Estel first appears in the game as a fearsome boss, and she uses her fists and feet like anyone to kick the back of anyone reckless enough to block her path.E ».

The other two characters have yet to be revealed, which Dotemu plans to do later. In the meantime, the clues about these characters will be hidden in the employee Estel Aguirre’s video slideshow that we drop down for you below.

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Finally, a new game mode will be added with DLC. This is the situation ” Survival “ Who is the “ Challenges players with many difficult events More information will be sent by Dotemu prior to the release of the DLC. The free update, available to all players, will also give the option to play the difficulty level Mania + which promises to add more challenge to more experienced players. At the moment, it is not yet known when the DLC and the update will be published Free, and they are independent of each other and therefore will likely have separate release dates.