May 17, 2022


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Widebandgap semiconductor: Soitec expands production capabilities of silicon carbide power semiconductors

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To manufacture SiC chips using its SmartCut technology, Soitec will build a new manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Bernine, France. SmartSiC chips manufactured using this technology should significantly reduce the high material costs of SiC components.

New manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Bernin, France Soitec announced. The primary goal here is to produce new types of silicon carbide wafers that meet the central challenges of the electric vehicle markets and industrial applications. The expansion will also support Soitec’s 300mm Silicon on Insulator (SOI) activities.

In the factory must SmartSiCChips developed by Soitec at the CEA-Leti Substrate Innovation Center in Grenoble and proprietary companies Smart CutTechnology uses. This new generation of silicon carbide wafers provide significant added value for industrial and electric vehicle applications as they can be much less expensive than current SiC wafers. Soitec says it is working with major manufacturers of SiC components for SmartSiC products and plans to start generating sales in the second half of 2023.

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