September 27, 2023


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Why give taxis a chance?

Why give taxis a chance?

How do you move from one place to another at night? That’s right – bus, train, walk or taxi. We will take a closer look at the last point.

the situation.

Getting from a) to b) without the help of your car can sometimes be difficult. Well, during the day you can use this to go for a nice walk – unless the weather doesn’t mind of course – but at night? It’s a completely different situation, and it gets even more difficult when you realize that it’s very far from the nearest bus or train station.

And even then: On Friday or Saturday nights, you might have to share public transportation with pretty scary characters. This still works, but when these fearsome creatures become abusive – noticeably drunk – it’s something else entirely.


This means either getting a driver’s license and buying a car – or at least renting it. Alternatively, you can also secure a taxi. In Karlsruhe, this simply goes to the bottom

Exit: taxi.

Wir alle wissen, dass der Begriff Taxi vom Taxameter kommt, der in einer Droschke genutzt wurde, um den Preis für die Dienstleistung des „gefahren Werdens” zu bestimmen und dass der Beginn dieser Dienstle tech Deutschen Sävernük nssel nüsselenün dass der Beginn dieser Dienstle tech ästäistung selenp he is.

In fact, using this service is relatively easy. One can now search the internet for the home page and corresponding phone number of the taxi company using the chosen search engine. However, sometimes this is no longer necessary, since some companies have an application where you can order a taxi and then pay for the service without money.

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Of course, you have to install them first – and you have to know what operating system the smartphone is using. After all, there are apps for Android (Google) and apps for iOS (Apple). To find out, look under an item called “Device Information” or something similar.

What can the application do?

The application can then be installed and then it becomes very necessary to enter some personal data. The name is logically part of it, after all the taxi company should know who to pick up. An email address must also be specified to receive a corresponding message. In the end, of course, the cell phone number is also important, as the driver may have to call you to tell you he is at the front door.

But it still means: Be careful! Data protection must be considered. However, once you do all this, the app can surprise you with great functions. The Fare Prediction Function can be used to calculate how much a trip will cost based on the data, although we should note here: these are approximate values ​​only. Changes can occur at any time.

What’s also possible: Use the app to book an appointment for a specific day or to pick a regular driver. Of course, this is only useful if you use the taxi a lot and know the drivers involved. And like any good messaging app, you can write a review about a driver.

Were you satisfied with the driving style? Was morals imperfect, or was the driver a model of charm and friendliness? Or is he/she just creaking that you shouldn’t talk to him/her while driving?

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And do you think that was a really good thing?

All this – and of course more – can be summed up in a review. This is also important for new customers who have no idea about the permanent employees of the taxi company.


It is necessary and urgent to move from a) to b) even at times that are not particularly suitable for public transport. In primitive civilian days, perhaps the flight could still be treated with the new €9 ticket option. But we all know that moment when we rush to the platform and only see the tail lights of the last trains disappear into the darkness all day long. Sometimes you just have to take a taxi – only one can do that siege They appear only in such a way that the representatives of the last generation stick to the street.