January 25, 2022


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Where to watch Tuesday’s matches

The group stage of the 2022 FIFA São Paulo Cup ends on Tuesday (11) with 20 more matches. Cruzeiro, Palmeiras, Vasco, Sao Paulo and Flamengo are some of the teams that entered the field on the last day of the pre-qualifier matches.

Cruzeiro is already ranked first in the group, and plays at 11 am, against Itaprince. Also guaranteed in the playoffs, Palmeiras will face Agua Santa at 15:15 to decide who will top the group. At 5:15 p.m. it’s Vasco’s turn, also qualifier, to take on Ska Brasil – who could still steal Team Rio’s leadership.

Sao Paulo plays at 7:30 pm against São Caetano, both of whom add up to six points and determine first place in the group; The same situation as Flamengo and Ouest, who concluded the match at 9:45 pm.

All Copinha matches, without exception, can be watched live. the UOL Esporte The list below is where to watch today’s matches (11). paying off:

8:45 a.m. – Palmas-TO x Retro (Paulistão Play and Eleven)
11 a.m.: Real Brasilia x Capivariano (Paulistao Play and Eleven)
11 a.m.: Itaprince vs Cruzeiro (SporTV)
1pm – Serranense vs Inter de Limeira (Paulistão Play and Eleven)
1 p.m. – Assu vs Real Ariquemes (Paulistão Play and Eleven)
1 p.m. – Iape x Botafogo-SP (Paulistão Play and Eleven)
13:00 – Bragantino – PA x Sao Bernardo (Polistao Play and Eleven)
1:15 pm – Nacional-SP x Coritiba (YouTube)
3 p.m. – Lagarto-SE x Rio Claro (Paulistão Play and Eleven)
15:15 – Ibrachina x Náutico (Paulistão Play and Eleven)
15:15 – Paulista x Ceará (Paulistão Play and Eleven)
15:15 – Desportivo Brazil x Goias (Paulistao Play & Eleven)
15:15 – Água Santa x Palmeiras (SporTV)
17 hours – Aster Brasil x Sao Bento (Polistao Play and Eleven)
17:15 – CSE x Perilima (Paulistão Play and Eleven)
17:15 – SC Brasil vs Vasco (SporTV)
19:15 – São Bernardo x Londrina (Paulistão Play and Eleven)
19:30 – Forte Rio Bananal x Floresta (Paulistão Play and Eleven)
19:30 – Sao Caetano x Sao Paulo (SporTV)
21:45 – West x Flamengo (SporTV)

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