November 30, 2021


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Where and how to play it

squid game I started moving up the ranking Netflix In general, but this does not take away any advantage. Over the course of nearly a month, it was the most watched on the platform to the point where it broke the record for views in its first 28 days, with 111 million users playing or watching at least two minutes of its nine episodes. With the level of repercussions he had, he was expected to make the leap into a realm Game.

while in Netflix Evaluate the process of creating a video game that you create based on a story Hwang Dong Hyuk, to me Roadblocks They had already hit them by hand. to ask royaltyThe name cannot be the same but the rules that participants must respect are the same as those offered by the organizers to the 456 players in the Rage Series of the platform.

To be able to play squid game, renamed to fish game to me RoadblocksYou must enter this link and create an account. From there, you can wait for users from all over the world to log in to start enjoying. What is available so far is the “red light, green light” game, which involves moving forward when the giant doll is singing and standing still when it is silent.

Earnings Already Celebrated on Netflix

With a budget of only $21.4 million, that’s a lot compared to the mass production of Hollywood what or what Principe (200 million) or The last duel (100 million), inches Netflix They are already celebrating the rewards that were meant squid game. Thanks to the new subscriptions that this Korean chain has attracted, the platform plans to add about $891 million, which could increase if the activity expands to Game.

According to information from a fairly closed company in terms of statistics, there are 209 million active accounts. This means that more than half of the users have already seen at least part of squid game. It has reportedly totaled 1.4 billion watch hours since September 17, when it was made available to viewers.

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