December 6, 2021


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When a fan interrupted the game for more than 10 minutes, “In 10 years in the NBA, I’ve never seen this”

Another very long evening for Kings fans tonight at the Jazz Reception. The visitors dominated the visiting team with a score of 123-105, a match that was long interrupted by an unusual incident. At the beginning of the last chapter, when the meeting definitely turned with 12-2 players Quinn SnyderA spectator in the front row threw everything he could.

“In my 10 years in the NBA, I’ve never seen that before.” Harrison Barnes

“I met his gaze and he was smiling. He was smiling while he was vomiting.” Rudy Gobert

“I’m not going to lie, I was only thinking of one thing: Get out. I didn’t care about anyone else.” Donovan Mitchell

It took over 10 minutes to clean everything up and the game could be resumed.

“It was a strange situation,” says Quinn Snyder. “We were on a very good path before this happened. We did a good job keeping our focus until the end.”

Ironically, this fan, who may have abused his beer, went on to attack Quinn Snyder. Karma

“He yelled at me the whole game,” Snyder says. “Well, at least for the first three quarters.”

Both teams had the time to the best of their ability and we saw the Jazz players very relaxed, taking pictures and joking before going to finish the job.

“Life is full of surprises.” Rudy Gobert

Finally, a little advice from Jordan Clarkson

“For that kid who’s vomiting, think, ‘We’ve all had nights like this,'” Clarkson says. “I hope he is fine. Drink some Pedialyte, take some electrolytes, drink some water and you will be fine tomorrow.”

via Deseret News

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