July 21, 2024


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WhatsApp: Finally, there are no restrictions for those who do not accept the new terms of use

WhatsApp: Finally, there are no restrictions for those who do not accept the new terms of use

WhatsApp is changing its song again regarding its terms of use. Users who do not accept them will not experience any loss or control of the activity now or in the future, unlike instant messaging owned by Facebook. Previously announced.

A spokesperson for WhatsApp To explain In D.N.W. After discussions with several officials and confidential experts, ” We would like to make it clear that we do not currently plan to limit the functionality or functionality of WhatsApp to those who have not yet accepted the update [des conditions d’utilisation] “However, users will receive notifications inviting them to accept these popular D&Cs.

The idea was to first restrict access to the chat list, then not allow calls or notifications to be welcomed. Of course, these actions do not apply, so there is no limit to his WhatsApp message, even if he leaves a pear for thirst. ” Currently Is scheduled.

More reassuring bell sound On the edge, To whom Got it Ensures that usage restrictions do not return to the table. Hopefully the WhatsApp terms of service file are too thick and confusing! Initially, the deadline for their acceptance was set for February 8, and then postponed to May 15. Important effects If denied.

Initially, WhatsApp should allow its users to share their data with Facebook, making it easier to communicate with companies in the news system. This partition may also be used for advertising purposes, Except for Europe, Which caused the discharge to alternative applications such as signal or telegram. WhatsApp stands for its Help Center Many users have accepted the Terms of Use.

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