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Because of Hate 'Rings of Power': Amazon Pulls the Barbed Rope

What ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans say about ‘Rings of Power’

After the release of Rings of Power, the series was inundated with many negative comments from fans. Amazon felt compelled to step in.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

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The first five episodes of “Rings of Power” Finally available on Amazon. The Lord of the Rings series has drawn fans of JRR Tolkien’s work up front, in part due to the inclusion of people of color. Soon after the start, reviews and ratings about the series can no longer be left on the Amazon page of the chain.

as such Hollywood Reporters I mentioned, that the Amazon chain may have been a victim of the so-called bombing review. This describes the “fans” practice of posting negative reviews to give movies and series a bad reputation. It is not about actual criticism of the work, but mostly about dissatisfaction with the politically charged decisions by its makers. Recently, the Marvel series “She-Hulk” has received poor reviews from viewers. Amazon has already responded classification From “The Rings of Power” on the streaming provider’s website Not possible anymore I was. She was there too Current comments are disabled. In the meantime, however, the reviews have Online again taken.

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Contrast between critic and audience evaluation

According to a source at Amazon who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, the reviews should be 72 hours only Disabled to see which reviews are real and which ones were phished. However, significantly more time passed before the ratings were available again. The source also claimed that this practice has been in place for all series since this summer.

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Currently, The Rings of Power has rotten tomatoes 39% user rating compared to 85% critic rating. in IMDB, also owned by Amazon, the series has a rating of 6.9/10. It was not entirely unreasonable to worry that the collection would beautify the rating of the series and would not allow legitimate criticism. However, the current distribution shows that many one-star ratings are still available. 53% rated the series with five stars and 25% with only one star, while another 22% divided it among the remaining stars.

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