May 29, 2024


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What is ScreenX? He explained the importance of film technology

The term Screen X is mainly known to moviegoers. Many may have tried this technique before, but did not know its name.

Screen X: This is behind it

Screen X is no ordinary cinema screen. This technology has three of them.

  • I’m used to looking at a screen from a traditional movie theatre. However, with the X screen, there is another screen to the right and left of it.
  • This technology enables you to see things that cannot be displayed on a single screen. You are looking almost to the edge of the screen. This technology is also called the 270-degree technology.
  • The screens are illuminated by several projectors, which is called multi-projection technology. Since not all movie shots take into account Screen X, the movie had to be edited later to make the experience possible.
  • Screen X was designed in South Korea and was first introduced in 2015. However, it arrived in Germany a little later, in 2019. So far, you can visit such cinemas in Berlin and Kassel (as of 2023).
  • If you want to use UCI Luxe at Mercedes Platz in Berlin, you currently (as of 2023) pay €12.90 for the card and €3 surcharge for Screen X.
With Screen X, you can experience going to the movies even more intensely.Imago Pictures/Shot Shop

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