September 24, 2021


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What is a QR code, this key technology of the health corridor?

QR code is widely used to control train tickets or cinema reservations, and is a flexible, fast and secure way to transmit information.

The QR code has proven itself as a valuable sesame since its use in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. QR code stands for “QR Code”, and “QR Code” in English. It is actually a two-dimensional bar code that can store digital data.

It looks like a kind of intricate chessboard, made up of small black squares on a white background. This look is not due to chance: it is inspired by the popular Japanese game, Go. In fact, the QR code was created by Japanese engineer Masahiro Hara in 1994. Originally, it was used in Toyota plants to track parts on production lines. So it became in Japan the most popular.

In other countries, including France, the QR code later became popular. Only since the beginning of the 2000s has its use become more and more daily. Today, it is possible to present your train ticket this way, read the menus of some restaurants, share your playlist on Spotify, or validate your movie ticket.

Why was it chosen for the health card?

Its shape has many advantages. First of all, the QR code is very easy to use. Available in digital format but also on paper, it is a certificate that can be carried everywhere. It requires only a device with a camera to use: most smartphones detect it automatically when you place the camera in front of it.

according to US Gizmodo websiteA QR code can contain 100 times more information than a simple barcode. So it makes it possible to store all kinds of data. Another advantage of the QR code is its inviolability. Thanks to its format, it is impossible to literally “hack” the QR code: it will then be necessary to change the location of the small squares that make up it. However, technically this is impractical.

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Could a QR code become the standard in France?

Today, the QR code is used mainly in France to communicate information. But in many Asian countries, for example, a QR code is used as a method of payment.

Indeed, thanks to its format, it makes it possible to pay for purchases much faster and more flexible than contactless payment methods. In addition, it reduces the number of intermediaries between the customer and the seller, which is an advantage in terms of security.