August 19, 2022


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What does the DualSense controller bring to a horror game like The Medium?

The medium is now available on PS5. Disappointingly, the Xbox Series X is taking advantage of its access to a Sony console to exploit the DualSense. What makes us change our mind?

When released for Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, average He did not leave us lasting memories. Why are we talking about it again today? Simply because Microsoft’s period of exclusivity is over. In fact, average Now available on Sony PlayStation 5. However, this is not just a simple port. If Xbox players take a step forward, their PlayStation counterparts are entitled to some rewards thanks to the DualSense – a console loaded with tech.

game like averageDualSense contributions can support its main argument: to rely first on immersion in persuasion. As a reminder, DualSense includes two new features – haptic feedback for more precise vibrations, and adaptive stimuli. So we launched the PS5 version of average To see if DualSense could really be an ‘plus’ for the horror genre.

How The Medium benefits PS5’s DualSense

in a averageWe play Marianne, who is involved in a bleak investigation and is sometimes plagued by strange visions – until she gives birth to a double reality. Is noxious atmosphere enhanced by tactile feedback? Yes and no. We appreciate the small vibrations when we open the door, which symbolize Marianne’s fear of discovering what’s behind, or the subtle vibrations when the key is turned.

On the other hand, it can become coarser in certain situations for which it is not at all suitable (flying crows, vision mode). The developers are missing the heart rate tag when the heroine’s pulse is racing (except… during certain custom sequences). Unfortunately.

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Adaptive triggers are not used at all for the first few minutes. Their lure occurs only later: the one on the left opposes the increased resistance when running (the embodiment of fatigue) while the one on the right intensifies when one uses forces (eg: when one has to charge up spiritual energy). These effects are very satisfying, even if a certain stress appears under the indicator in the long run (we’ve already made that observation for the last Call of Duty). This is also what heightened sensations are.

Medium // Source: Maxime Claudel by Numerama

The developers did not stop at the major innovations that DualSense brought. In fact, other techniques are used to plunge the player a little more into the heart of the action. There is a speaker for the controller, which makes to speak Some things are imbued with echoes of the past (a little supernatural) or can ring the phone. There is also a light bar that is able to adapt to the ambient light. Note that this visual alert doesn’t make much sense, as it’s best to look at the screen when playing.

to complete, average It offers two additional options for convenience: the ability to scan objects up close using the touchpad and the ability to pan the camera using the gyroscope during parts in first person view. They are in addition to the basic controls, can be accessed using the stick. Upon arrival, the studio was keen to make the most of all the features DualSense has to offer, with varying degrees of success and/or relevance. Despite all this goodwill that makes the PS5 version even better, we have to admit it average The experience is still far from complete. Thus, DualSense tricks can hardly hide the extreme poverty of the gameplay. At least it fits perfectly with the horror genre. We are just waiting for better games now.

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