February 2, 2023


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【▲ピンク色とオレンジ色の雲にも見える「ほ座」の壮大な超新星残骸の姿(Credit:ESO/VPHAS+ team. Acknowledgement: Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit)】

What do you see in the majestic supernova remnant in the constellation Vela? | sorae universe portal website

[▲ بقايا مستعر أعظم رائعة في فيلا تشبه السحب الوردية والبرتقالية (Credit: ESO / VPHAS + team. شكر وتقدير: Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit)]

Looking at this heavenly image, what do you imagine?

This is the European Southern Observatory (it’s a)But2022general10the moon31Made in History (Halloween), in Southern Heaven“Remains of Villa Supernova”This is an image ESO was named after Halloween.it’s aCapturing the ghost of a giant star (ESO captures the ghost of a giant star)”, and the beginning of the comment is also expressed as “Scary spider web? a magical dragon? Or a faint trace of a ghost? “

The remnants of supernovae are eight times heavier than the sunhuge starhappened becauseSupernova explosionCelestial body observed after the cloud-like pale pink and orange structure of the Vela supernova remnant ended its stellar life with a supernova explosion.huge starFrom the left a neutron star or black hole might be left behind after a supernova explosion, but a pulsar (a type of neutron star) spinning at more than 10 times per second appears to be left behind in the Vela supernova remnant.

The currently observed Vela supernova remnants are11,000 years after the supernova explosionIt is believed to have passed. It was caused by a supernova explosionEarthquakeThe gas around the star compresses and creates a complex structure like a twisted thread. The energy released during this timeGas heatingby doing it this wayBrilliant radiancethat it.

This image captures an area as large as nine full moons as seen from Earth, but the Vela supernova remnant extends far beyond the image. The remnant of the supernova Vela is just a few meters from Earth, according to ESO800 light years awaybut far,The closest supernova to EarthIt is said that it can be counted as one of the

[▲ اثنتا عشرة صورة مميزة لأجزاء مكبرة من بقايا المستعر الأعظم Vela (Credit: ESO / VPHAS + team. شكر وتقدير: Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit)]

[▲ اثنتا عشرة صورة مميزة لأجزاء مكبرة من بقايا المستعر الأعظم Vela (Credit: ESO / VPHAS + team. شكر وتقدير: Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit)]

This image beautifully captures the Vela supernova remnant.it’s aInstalled at Paranal ObservatoryVLT Survey TelescopeVLT Survey TelescopeVST) wide field camera「Omega CamTaken with The number of pixels in the original image is 554 million pixels.

200,000,0006800Megapixel OmegaCAM can use filters that transmit light of different colors (wavelengths) when shooting. This time, the images obtained with five filters passing specific ultraviolet, visible, and infrared rays were colored in four colours, magenta, blue, green, and red, and synthesized. The filamentous gas of the supernova remnant and the brightness of the bright blue star in front of it are captured in great detail.

ESO has also released a video that makes you feel like you’re flying through the Vela supernova remnant. If you weren’t aware of Halloween, what would you associate with it?


  • Video credit: European Southern Observatory (ESO)
  • Image credit: ESO/VPHAS+ Team. Acknowledgments: Astronomical Survey Unit, Cambridge
  • European Southern Observatory (ESO) – ESO captures the ghost of a giant star

Sentence / Tetsurou Yoshida

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