March 25, 2023


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Weryton introduces himself as attacking back and highlights the pace of play for each title in Santa Cruz | Holy cross

Reinforcing the right side of Santa Cruz, Wereton arrives in Arruda after a landmark campaign in the Santa Catarina Championships. With 14 matches played, he started and helped Marcelio Dias reach the semi-finals of the competition after 21 years.

+ Santa Cruz group in the third division have three state champions and qualify for the semi-finals
+ Bolivar recalls the good beginnings of Santa Cruz and Villa Nova in the 2020 C series: “Let’s try to repeat”

The 29-year-old was bid farewell last Wednesday, when Marcelio Dias and Chapecoense drew 1-1 and the current state champion advanced, after winning the first leg 4-1.

Due to the short break until the touchdown at Recife, Weriton is at coach Bolivar’s disposal to enter the field. Next Sunday, Santa Cruz will debut in Series C when he visits Manaus, at 6 pm, at Arena da Amazonia.

– I was playing, I’m in a series of games. The fight is healthy, and there is another side to the situation, too. If (Bolivar) needs me, then I’m ready – he said.

Weryton has been training with Santa Cruz since the weekend – Photo: Raphael Melo / Santa Cruz

On site, in addition to Digão, Santa still has silver from Jadson’s home. Improving the physical part and separating from the rest of the team, Fernando Bilgi is unknown for the remainder of the season.

I’m a very offensive team, but also when I need to cover fourth grade there, I do really well too. But I really like the attack – Wrighton introduced himself.

Weryton, Santa Cruz’s right-back – Photo: Raphael Melo / Santa Cruz

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