We have already introduced Feelbelt. This is an exciting tool that lets you feel the sound of games, movies or music. This is made possible thanks to the new Haptic Feedback 2.0. The audio belt contains 10 impulse generators inside that transmit audio signals directly to your body.

With it, you can make any sound source perceptible. This ensures a fresh feel of the game and a solid feel, especially when playing. So the device is well suited for virtual reality games. Together with the corresponding VR headset, you can go deeper into virtual reality and feel your surroundings. Whether with explosions, shots or atmospheric music, Feelbelt allows you to immerse yourself in the game world and heightens your sense of a new sense of perception. If you like simulation like the new Microsoft Flight Simulator or simple race Then you should also take a closer look at Feelbelt.

In the video, we show you Feelbelt, explain how it works and give you our impressions:

Feelbelt costs about 350 euros, if you are interested in the device, you can buy it here: Buy Feelbelt

If you would like to know more about Feelbelt, please take a look at our other articles, where you will also find our detailed Feelbelt test:

feel the belt

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