December 4, 2022


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Week 28/21: New Key, TI10 Update, Six Rainbow Problems

Topics of the week. Sources: Nintendo, Valve, Ubisoft, Riot Games

Welcome to the latest edition of the weekly review of! Today we look back with you on the most exciting stories and stories of the past seven days. From July 5-11, 2021, among others, the content lull in Animal Crossing and the big mid-group update in Teamfight Tactics, but also the big news about the Dota 2 Championship and the controversial ban incident in central topics from the German esports community Rainbow Six Siege.

The highlight of Game Week in the week behind us was clearly the announcement of the new Nintendo Switch model. You can read this week’s top 5 topics in great detail below.

Enjoy while reading!

5. Animal Crossing New Horizons: July won’t bring anything new either

Slowly fans are disappointed and a bit angry. We probably won’t see any new content for the super popular Switch title Animal Crossing New Horizons in July either. After E3, where ACNH has already been deliberately ignored, there is still more on the horizon. This is very unusual compared to the year since release, as we get new and fun additions on a regular basis. Is Nintendo deliberately focusing on other projects?

Animal Crossing New Horizons: July won’t bring anything new either

4. TFT Set 5.5: Rise of Heroes – New Heroes, Items and Features

It’s still on the test server, but in a few days it will be available and available to everyone: the big update to the TFT mid-range is coming! 12 new heroes, new attributes, skills, items, etc., etc. On the other hand, other features and heroes are constantly being eliminated. We have a great overview for you of what you can expect from TFT Set 5.5:

TFT 5.5 Collection: Rise of Champions – New Heroes, Items & Features

3. Dota 2: Romania instead of Sweden – Big TI10 update

How messy were the organizers of The International 10 when it became clear that, contrary to expectations, they would not be able to play the offline tournament in Sweden in a few weeks? We do not know and can only guess how exhausting the short-term reorganization was. But it is now certain that an alternative place has been found. He goes to Romania with a new schedule.

Dota 2: Romania instead of Sweden – Big TI10 update

2. The Sixth Rainbow: Forbidden Error? – Evolution case

How safe are the methods used by Ubisoft in Rainbow Six Siege to assess suspicious incidents and then take action against suspicious players? That question resurfaced last week when it became known that German e-sportsman Frat ‘Levolution’ Hessen was banned from tournaments for a year – for an offense he did not want to commit under any circumstances. Is the publisher wrongly obscuring the future of talent here?

Sixth Rainbow: Forbidden Error? – Evolution case

1. Nintendo Switch OLED 7-inch 64GB model announced

If you’ve been hoping for a Nintendo Switch Pro, you can finally like the next model of Nintendo’s hybrid console. During the week, the manufacturer announced that the next version of the Nintendo Switch will come with a 7-inch OLED display and will also offer 64GB of storage. Other factors that fans would have liked to see improved remain:

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announced 7 Inch 64GB

As always, all the interesting news is available on and especially in our news category.

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