November 29, 2022


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“We must join the global competition with our values,” Marc-Francois Minot Mahon (Galileo Global Education)

Having worked in the production of cultural content and then in the sector of new technologies, Marc-François Mignot-Mahon reached the world of education for ” Giving back to the community which she gave him. ” When I was young, they didn’t really know what to do with me in school “,” he admits to La Tribune. He admits that he was distinguished by his early years at the school which combined features of all ages, ” From very different perspectives (…) Who have the right to be who they are ». « I loved it (…), there were high standards and a lot of crossbreeding Today, Marc-Francois Minot Mahon heads the private higher education network Galileo Global Education, which has nearly 130,000 students and 55 partners such as ESG and Regent School London.

LA TRIBUNE – Why do skills come to the fore?

Marc Francois Minot Mahon – A major change is taking place in education, which is adapting to the world. The increasing complexity of tools, globalization and the acceleration of changes mean that all professions are diverse. So we are no longer able to classify jobs according to fixed historical features. On the contrary, it is necessary to tailor job descriptions by skills.

Ostensibly, too, this ability to adapt through skills has crystallized due to the economic crisis. The world stopped with a unique decision in human history to shut down the economy. Competent individuals, who were even at a successful stage, such as tourism or airlines, were stopped from abroad. It is very important to urgently identify their skills and those they lack elsewhere so that they can change sectors. Therefore, we have to train: so only with skill and skill can we move quickly. We will not be able to reinvent the lost functions.

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Thus, I find that the government excels in managing this crisis. The only problem is that France is still very administrative. We must accept making mistakes and innovating, for example by digitizing training.

What is the file of retraining workers today?

The sectors most affected are the mobility sectors, and those most in need are technical professions and digital services. Digital has taken 25 years with Covid, and people have realized that it is possible to train remotely or delivered with a single click. We do not yet have a clear and definitive view of recovery levels in the transport or services sector, but let us be vigilant and overreact. If there is no return to repeat in hotels and restaurants, there will be social plans. Then it will be necessary to migrate entire sections of tourism, commerce or even aviation towards completely small-scale sectors, such as personal services. So we’ll have to train quickly, it’s the subject of a collective transition.

Vocational retraining: 60% of French people plan to change jobs

Moreover, it is an accepted idea to believe that a sector change leads to a downgrade. When you get into the underemployment trade, like code, sometimes you have higher bargaining skills than in areas that everyone craves, like luxury.

What is skill hybridization?

For 500 years, education on a large scale has remained on the same model, while society has changed a lot. However, her goal is to prepare for a new world. The only possible preparation is to make people hybrids. In Galileo, we try not to prepare young people for obsolescence, this is called knowing how to become. It is the ability to work in a project setting and to understand the limitations of the other. Today, technology, marketing and finance are no longer inseparable.

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This is why the Anglo-Saxons tread on us, because they have coeducational universities. This is the first geopolitical issue: in France we still have some leading companies, but behind them there are very few small and medium-sized companies and medium-sized companies. The world progresses without us, the French middle classes have a terrible sense of demotion.

We must give them a project and join the global competition with our values ​​and our weapons. Our values ​​are not inhumane productivity values. We must give people the skills that will enable them to set up businesses in this country. In addition, 30-50% of lessons must be changed every year: we have to adapt our children to digital technologies and build our own Stanfords.

Is working and studying a good way to enhance training?

The work-study program is going well thanks to the “Young Solution 1” plan (which was developed by the government during the summer of 2020) and it has many positive aspects. First of all, the young man brings dynamism to our SMEs. Then the work and study program contains this wonderful thing that allows you to learn while earning a living: it is a contract with rights and duties. It crushes disparities in the face of the cost of living and is the future of reducing dropouts in this country. Additionally, the fact that companies could get involved in the CFA (Center for Junior Training, editor’s note) was a relevant liberation for this government. In fact, knowledge is no longer academic. No single university is able to have so much knowledge about the future because the world is so complex. On the contrary, we can have the best pre-planning skills with companies and we need to know the great leaders.

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Finally, along with digital sessions, work and study programs make it possible to get as close as possible to individuals in the regions. Training has two solutions: impoverishing information, reducing value and making it a supercommodity, or maintaining qualitative processes. In the 2000s, we were not technically prepared. But today, if we use digital to personalize training, we will have a high level of quality and an amazing productivity development machine.