September 27, 2023


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Washington Senate to obtain massive technology funding

DrNaturally, the US Senate’s decision to launch a massive technology research and development program for semiconductors has a primary goal: China. In the struggle for technological supremacy, the United States is ready to invest – read: spending – in a way the country hasn’t seen for a long time.

This, too, is evidence that the rivalry between the US-Chinese system is taking place in many areas, but especially in the field of technology. Those who fall behind here make themselves dependent, weak and endanger future prosperity. The current shortage of computer chips provides tech warriors with additional arguments.

It is also clear: the United States must modernize its economy and invest heavily in research and development. President Biden’s declaration that America will compete with China from a position of renewed power is not just nonsense.

The fact that a nonpartisan majority has given the project a blessing shows once again that the overall response to China’s rise can be based on a broad and flexible consensus. America is boosting its competitiveness and is not thinking of following the Chinese script for the inevitable decline of the West. In the geo-economic dispute, a shovel is added.

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