June 23, 2024


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Walter Benjamin Platz in Berlin: Florentine True Memory - Neighborhoods - Berlin

Walter Benjamin Platz in Berlin: Florentine True Memory – Neighborhoods – Berlin

© dpa / picture alliance

Marcus Heselman

More evident in the cityscape, it must be remembered the Berlin philosopher Walter Benjamin, who committed suicide on the run from the Nazis.

The Wilmersdorfer flaneur writes of the Schöneberger flaneur: “Great memories, historical showers – they are beggars for the true flane, which he gladly leaves for the traveler.” In the sentence from Walter Benjamin’s review of Franz Hessel, “Walking around Berlin” “since 1929 it is about Rome, a place full of history.

Since then, Berlin, which is much smaller, has become a place full of history and a comprehensive and murderous history. Plaques, stumbling blocks, memorial sites and memorials, streets and squares, commemorate the victims of National Socialism.

A plaque on Prinzregentenstrasse in Wilmersdorf, where he lived until he fled in 1933, and Walter-Benjamin-Platz in Charlottenburg to commemorate Walter Benjamin, who committed suicide at the Franco-Spanish border in 1940 while fleeing the Nazis. Strictly speaking, the name of the square is mentioned only by a philosopher and writer.

That must change now, with explanatory panels added, and more information about the author’s life and work, including “Artwork in the Age of Technical Reproduction”, Passagen-Werk and “Berlin’s Childhood Around Nineteen Hundred”.

The corresponding decision in the Local Culture Committee is a topic in “Tagesspiegel Menschen”, the newsletters of our county (Here is the article). We are constantly dealing with initiatives, ideas and plans to celebrate and remember. There must have been Franz Heysel-Platz in Berlin for a long time.

Author Franz Heysel.  Photo: M. Flügge GroupZoom in
Franz Heysel (1880-1941)
© M. Flügge Collection

Here are some of the topics you can find in Tagesspiegel’s Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf current newsletter: Which you can order here for free:

  • From Tenant Protection to Anti-Speed: Report from the District Council
  • The fountains are flowing, the Breitscheidplatz water point is dry, why?
  • An England fan sells the most delicious British dishes
  • Wilmersdorfer Strasse will also be car-free in the South
  • The area is calling for lower prices for the Halensee outdoor pool
  • Citizens can participate in the West City concept
  • A private garden party in Westend
  • TeBe plans a team of amputee soccer players
  • Why was the exhibition and restaurant opened despite the crisis?
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