February 2, 2023


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VR: Microsoft and Meta Bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to Mission

Meta Quest 2 users will soon be able to play Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games. Microsoft wants to bring its game subscription to a VR headset as a cloud version, Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella announced at a Connect event Tuesday night.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games can then be streamed using Meta Quest 2, as is also possible, for example, on TVs, in a browser or on a mobile phone. Games are streamed to a virtual 2D screen within a virtual reality environment, so they are not available in the original VR versions.

The game is then played via the usual Xbox gamepad, paired with a standalone Meta speaker for that purpose. The prerequisite is a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and there’s no release date to get the job done yet. Microsoft and Meta on Tuesday announced a partnership for Metaverse, which will include bringing Microsoft 365 productivity apps to Meta’s virtual and hybrid realities.

In Germany, Meta stopped selling augmented reality glasses in September 2020 after the Federal Cartel Office initiated abuse proceedings. Therefore, Meta Quest 2 is not available in Germany. Meta Quest Pro was announced on Tuesday that it will also not be available in this country until further notice.

Unlike previous Quest headsets, the Quest Pro is not a pure VR device, but a mixed reality goggle. It can integrate game graphics with the real world by overlaying virtual items in the wearer’s field of view. With Mixed Reality, Meta sees flexible application scenarios that wouldn’t be possible with pure VR hardware. For example, Quest Pro is designed to open up hybrid meetings where some participants are on-site and can interact in the traditional way while others are online.

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