September 27, 2023


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Volvo introduces bi-directional charging into series production

Volvo introduces bi-directional charging into series production

With the Volvo EX90, the Swedish manufacturer wants to offer a two-way charging option for the first time. (Photo: Volvo)

The new feature, tentatively available in “selected markets” is to make promises, according to Volvo, to make energy use cheaper, more efficient and more sustainable. in contact with smart chargingLeave the functionality of your car phone app Vehicles can be recharged once demand drops and corresponding prices. This is the case, for example, when there is a lot of energy from renewable sources in the electricity mix.

The energy stored in a high-voltage battery can be used in many ways, explains Olivier Laudel, head of the electric ecosystem at Volvo Cars. Drivers can “Charging their e-bike when they are out, or plugging in an outdoor cooker during a weekend camping trip. During exorbitant peak times, the home can be supplied with cheap electricity from the car.” In an emergency, the model can be converted into a mobile charging station for other Volvo electric vehicles.

In order to make charging and discharging as smart as possible, an algorithm is used in the Volvo Cars app to extend the life of the batteries.

Automotive as a buffer that stabilizes the power grid

At the same time, vehicles can also contribute to the stability of the public power grid as a buffer. While charging the car cheaply when there is a surplus of renewable energy, the energy can be resold when demand is higher during peak periods.

According to Volvo, the more vehicles that have the appropriate systems, the easier it is to compensate for peak loads. “We believe in a future in which our customers will power the power grid with this technology to enable a more efficient and sustainable use of electricity in everyday life.”According to Olivier Laudel.

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In order to provide the EX90 with a matching ecosystem, Volvo also plans to offer more hardware solutions. These include the wall box and the corresponding power management system for the house.