October 24, 2021


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Volleyball: Blumenau finishes ‘shift’, targets new games ahead of Superliga

Among the elite teams, Santa Catarina will have the most commitments, considering their national debut.

Despite his exclusion in the championship of Minas Gerais, Olympique Aban Eliva takes a positive balance from his participation in the state championship, which many consider, in 2021, the best in the country to gather the largest number of contested teams. Superliga from October onwards. In the Minas Gerais tournament, they represented the Blumenau Tricolor da Serra team, using their uniforms and facilities in a fruitful partnership for both sides. With the elimination, the focus now turns to obligations in the south of the country.

Blumenau will be the team to play the most matches before making their debut in the country’s biggest tournament. There will be a total of 13 matches, from four friendlies against Colombia, as well as six matches in Mineiro and three in Catarinains. After the start of the Superliga, the cast will continue to share interest with the Open Games of Santa Catarina, a tournament that will feature a good portion of the main cast.

“I don’t know if it’s an advantage, but it allows us to better balance our forces to face teams like Sada Cruzeiro, Fiat Gerdau Minas and Vôlei Renata. It makes us roll and ramps up our preparation. The idea is the strengths of the match. We arrived at Superliga and we have a better knowledge of the crew, and we were able to solve Problems in an easier way. I think we arrived better prepared than in previous years”, said coach Andre Doniga.

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The coach knows that it is in the best interest of all teams to play as many games as possible at this time of the season, but such a reality is not always possible for most opponents.

“There are two sides to the coin, with this overworking which can lead to consequences of wear and tear. We have been measuring training every week, talking to athletes and doctors to measure the load of activities. It is essential to be careful all the time, many factors can alter our process,” he stresses. .

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