November 30, 2021


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Video game genius: take part in the challenge!

How much do you know about video games? If you want to test yourself and win some great prizes from the European Commission, you can. confidence games ? Then you can not miss the competition Video game genius !

This is an award winning competition that tests our video game culture on many topics related to the gaming world. video gameFrom the first video games to today. We will have to deal with many topics, from video games of the past such as space invaders NS backmanpassing through very popular FIFA NS Peacefor shooters earthquake NS It is an electronic game And many other things !

Tests allow us to get scores, and depending on our performance, we can go up in different test rankings and overall rankings to try to win great prizes!

The competition partner is confidence games That will distribute great accessories! Discover all awards and the full list of exams on the European Commission website. !

There will be prizes for those who finish in the best places in the individual tests and in the final standings where you can win great prizes, as well as lottery prizes for all participants!

At the end of the competition, Strongest 4 players You will participate in a live broadcast presented by Dino Lanaroo To compete directly! Will you be good on camera?

what are you waiting for ? Register now And test yourself in Tuesday 16 November.

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