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Verified – adhd (Colombia) – Music / Review / Review

Verified – adhd (Colombia) – Music / Review / Review

The Viennese Verified tackles emotions, problems and illness with their second album. Known for her fast rhythms and sweet voice, she is celebrating her debut with the song “adhs”.

Verified: How to rap in German

German rap is no longer just aggressive and male-dominated. New wave is here and with a completely different swing. Instead of hiding their fears and vulnerabilities behind flashy beats, jewelry and expensive cars, today’s artists actually talk about their real feelings and problems.

This is also the case for the verified Viennese youth. Two years after the release of his last album “40100”, the Austrian releases sadly beautiful songs to lie in bed and think about. The tunes behind it are not that sad, on the contrary, you actually want to swing or just get on your bike and ride through the still half-asleep beginning of spring.

A disease that girls/women are not allowed to get?

The title of the new album is catchy. “Adhd” stands for “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” and was only diagnosed in the 27-year-old in her mid-20s. “ADHD is difficult to notice in adults, especially women.

There is a large gender gap, with ADHD primarily associated with restless kindergarten-aged boys. “Girls continue to be socialized as well-behaved, calm and nice, so their hyperactivity causes constant internal disturbances,” she speaks frankly in a March 2023 interview for the Austrian magazine “Profile”.

Two-page album

The album is dedicated to Verena, her real name, for the last ten years of her experiences and the experiences of others. Late diagnosis of the disease plays only a small role. More familiar themes come to the fore again, such as heartbreak, lonely journeys without a destination, or sleepless nights. From riffs with melancholy guitar tones, as in “Crash,” to faster tempos, as in “adhs,” they once again bring a wide range of emotions and a sophisticated sonic image.

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It’s easy to get into the situation and perhaps make the experience your own. However, she is not the only one heard on the album. On “Venice,” Ferry, as she prefers to be called, brings us 2023’s next summer song with rapper Kid Capri, where a relaxing guitar riff is combined over a light R&B beat with themes about cold drinks, sunsets, and enjoying life. . But this should not be the only advantage.

Collaborating with BHZ member Longus Mongus, she has another hit with her album. Together they sing a sad, bittersweet refrain about the consequences of looking too deeply into a glass. Everyone can remember his last “hangover”.

Verified “adhs”: Heartbreak or new love music

So, whether you have something to process or something you want to forget, it doesn’t matter when you listen to the album. Verified takes you into its own emotional world and opens levels between melodic dream and multi-faceted text passages. “adhs” was released on March 2, 2023 as LP Vinyl and for streaming and download on all platforms.

Listen here: The single is from the album of the same name, “adhs”, with an exciting rhythmic change

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