September 24, 2021


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Venezuela: After Guaido’s failure, “a return to the political game is a necessity” for the opposition

Sputnik France

After years of political tension and with the country mired in crisis, the opposition and the Venezuelan government concluded the second round of talks on September 6. According to researcher Thomas Posado, the two parties have a great interest in negotiating ahead of the regional and municipal elections next November.

Four days of negotiations And two deals! Talks between the Venezuelan government and the radical opposition meeting in Mexico City have been going well since September 3. Last week, the main protest political parties had already ended their boycott, and announced their participation in the regional and municipal elections in November. For Thomas Posado, who specializes in Venezuela, the opposition is stuck.”in a political impasse“after, after”fail»From Juan Guaido’s self-declaration and his strategy of delegitimizing the ballot papers. movement rejecting power.A return to the political game is imperative».

As far as Nicolas Maduro is concerned, his well-understood interest dictates him to sit down at the negotiating table. While that “His authority was confirmed de factoVenezuelan PresidentAt the head of a devastated country“For various reasons, his”Sindhi character“,”Currency collapse” And… “US sanctions».

RED LINES – Jean-Baptiste Mendez receives Thomas Posado, Doctor of Political Science, specialist in Venezuela, co-author of “Progressive Governments in Latin America (1998-2018): The End of the Golden Age” at the University Press of Rennes.