January 25, 2022


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Vanessa Benelli Mosell Review - Debussy: Preludes Band II

Vanessa Benelli Mosell Review – Debussy: Preludes Band II

Vanessa Benelli Muselle builds on her previous album and once again attests to her competence as Debussy’s translator.

It is interesting how many excellent pianists have come from Italy in recent years. In addition to Beatrice Rana and Roberto Procida, Vanessa Benelli Musil is one of them. Born in Prato, Tuscany, with her new CD, she once again proved her competence as a Debussy translator. She recorded the first volume of Préludes three years ago, and is now following up on the second volume, the ensemble “Children’s Corner” and “L’isle joyeuse”. In terms of gameplay technique, the 34-year-old is always a match for pieces, aesthetically in Préludes, moving along the paths of Debussy’s interpreters, oriented primarily towards the values ​​of sound and atmospheric design, without losing sight of the balance between form and subjectivity. In Children’s Corner you find the right balance between ironic wit and poetic evocation of children’s worlds.

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Vanessa Benelli Moselle

Vanessa Benelli Moselle

Debussy: Préludes Band II, Children’s Corner, L’Isle joyeuse

Vanessa Benelli Moselle (piano)
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