October 24, 2021


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Valve scans technology that automatically prioritizes game data for the download process –

Anyone who used to buy a game had to wait patiently until they got home to start playing it. Today, in the vast majority of cases, there is also an annoying download process, regardless of whether you purchased a physical disk or a digital license. Games can now be started and played even before the download process is complete. For example, Microsoft likes to offer titles in its cloud library while the game is downloading in the background.

Valve seems to be thinking in a similar direction because the PC company has one Patented It may allow users to start playing while the download is still in progress. The patent protects a technology that basically records all game data and independently decides which part of the package is used most often. This will prioritize the most important data sets during the download, which will hopefully allow players to get started a little earlier. It is not yet known if this technology will ever really see the light of day.

Source Thank you: Pavel Djundik from SteamDB.

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