November 30, 2021


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Valve Proton and DLSS technology are supported



Nvidia’s DLSS technology is now officially supported by Proton. This progression is introduced by version 6.3-8.

Proton is a free and open source software developed by Valver. Based on fork of Wine, its goal is to allow programs designed for Windows to run on Linux-based operating systems. Nvidia’s DLSS support tested with beta version 6.3-7. This file has just been accelerated and this technology is now fully supported in version 6.3-8.

Proton, DLSS for gamers

This new addition to Proton is a great step forward for GeForce RTX gamers on Linux. Super Deep Learning (DLSS) is now possible with titles that support it. Note that Proton has recently paid attention to game developers. why ? The app offers initial support for BattlEye anti-cheat software. Titles like Battlegrounds and DayZ allow PlayerUnknown to function properly.

For its part, Epic Games also announced its collaboration with Valve to add support for Easy AntiCheat.

This is finally Latest version 6.3-8 Featuring 24 new games and various bug fixes.

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