May 17, 2022


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Valor: Fake Scam Contains Dangerous Malware

Valor: Fake Scam Contains Dangerous Malware

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Cheats for Valorant is brought to you via a YouTube video. However, behind the download is not the hoped-for path to victory, but the RedLine malware.

A Valorant dummy cheat is presented within this YouTube video. (Source:

  • A YouTube video tempts cheater shooter Valorant.
  • In the description of the video, the fake cheat is presented as a download.
  • In fact, it contains RedLine malware.

If you are brave Plays, you probably thought of cheating in order to win for sure. But be careful when downloading cheat codes.

Malware instead of cheat

Security researchers from AhnLab I recently posted a video Youtube I found you guys about a hack game archer informed, which will surely help you to victory.

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The cheat file is presented in the video description. It’s called “cheat installer.exe”. Instead of the promised game hack, you will receive RedLine malware that is known to steal passwords.

In addition to the saved passwords from your browser, the malware steals basic information such as your computer’s IP address and username as well as usernames. But RedLine also uses crypto wallets, VPN services, and other accounts like Steam or Discord.

Be careful when downloading

We generally do not recommend downloading YouTube video description files. You should also be careful when downloading unofficial game content such as mods and cheats from other sites.

If you download a matching file, you should act. with the right Virus Scanner for Windows It finds and removes malware from your system before it can do any major damage.

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