July 25, 2024


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Useful findings were provided for local guides

Useful findings were provided for local guides

As a local guide, you can not only rate entries in Google Maps, but also make changes to them (they are checked before release) and, above all, make new entries. During global corona epidemics, Google found that the Google Maps community was more active than ever. New inputs are created at regular intervals, but above all the start times of individual locations are adjusted again and again, and new attributes such as “Offers Delivery Service” are added or removed. Now the company introduces Three findings, Wants to provide even more possibilities for local guides to intervene to help with Google Maps.

In the United States, for example, a special challenge involves bringing a total of 100,000 enterprise entries up to date on Google Maps. This includes ratings, ratings in text format, and answers about individual entries. But you can get involved with new features outside of the US. In the meantime, you can skip the photo updates. These are – as the name implies – photos of shady seats or places where you can see special conditions like an art fountain indoors. Only a short description is included here, no long texts are required. The full content can be found in the “News” tab of the related post. You can upload your own photos to the feed using the three-dot menu in the top right.

In addition, another invention is expected to be distributed in the coming months so that roads and paths can be easily entered on the map and sent to Google for review. You can edit the map already in Google Map via the side menu and add missing roads and paths. What’s new is that in the future streets and co-ops can be drawn with a map tool. But you can change street names, change the direction of the street layout and change or delete existing streets. You can report blocked roads and leave any time information directly if the cause is known. Here, Google guarantees that all contributions and changes submitted will be carefully verified prior to publication.

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