June 25, 2022


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Upload information for the new patch "VALORANT" 5.0.  Great appetizer with a lot of content, such as the addition of new maps and new rank divisions, the basic deletion of the map "Division" - AUTOMATON

Upload information for the new patch “VALORANT” 5.0. Great appetizer with a lot of content, such as the addition of new maps and new rank divisions, the basic deletion of the map “Division” – AUTOMATON

Riot Games announced the patch notes for VALORANT patch 5.0 on June 17published…several changes will be implemented, such as the addition of the new map “Pearl”, the basic deletion of the map “Split”, and the addition of the new classification class “Ascendant”. The patch will be delivered on June 23, JST.

New map “Pearl”

First, let’s check out the new map “Pearl”, which is also the focus of this update. The patch notes do not mention the contents of the new map, but the official announcement has already been launched on the official YouTube channel, and you can feel the “pearl” in the video. Apparently, the new map concerns the undersea city in Portugal.

Riot Games concept artist Brian Yam was inspired by the new map “Pearl,” an “old underwater concept and a new, climate-swept urban city.” (I did it).The Gamer). “When the concept was created based on these two ideas and the site was located in Portugal, everyone (from the art team) was excited about the historical and architectural visual possibilities.” He talks about the impression he received in Portugal.

Yam also mentioned that the location of “Pearl” is Omega Earth (another land that appears in the story “Valorant”). At OMEGA Earth, he said he’s studied how the local “Kingdom Industries” organization is dealing with climate change and how to visually convey the situation. As a result, it seems that the visual direction of the “underwater city preservation” has been decided. The coexistence of the kingdom’s industries and old Portuguese buildings, he said, is also attractive.

The whole city is covered with special polycarbonate
You can see some signs written in Portuguese

The biggest concern for players is what the new map will look like in real gameplay. One hour after the official trailer was released, the development team Riot Games launched their official Twitch channel.Hangouts Deliverybeginning. According to the explanation in the distribution, ‘Pearl’ has been on many maps so far, such as teleports like ‘Bind’ and unlockable doors like ‘Breeze’ and ‘Fracture’. The gimmick is said to be a non-existent map.

Joe Lansford, Head of Design for the VALORANT map team, commented in the aforementioned The Gamer article, “I wanted to create a map that’s a little easier to understand after the ice box, the breeze, and the break.” “The new map ‘Pearl’ has no rotation or movement support such as doors, ascenders and remote ports.” Which is why it is strategically simpler,” he continued. On the other hand, he said, “but there is ‘sophistication’ and ‘depth’ you would expect from a ‘VALORANT’ map.”

Also, according to the patch note, it appears that the unrate that is limited to the new map “Pearl” will only be playable for two weeks in Patch 5.0. After this period, “Pearl” will be added to the competitive map pool as usual.

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The fundamental removal of the “split” map

VALORANT BETA The “Split” map that was there from the beginning will be temporarily removed from the Unrate and Competitive map collection from the next Appde. Below is a summary of the explanation on the official website (“”VALORANT Map collects changes(according to).


  • Removed “split” from competitive and unmodified map sets from patch 5.0 (June 22nd) No re-implementation date specified
  • Temporary pool set to 6 maps until new map “Pearl” is introduced in patch 5.01 (July 12) Competitive queue
  • The Split will be excluded from the esports event map pool at the end of the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) ​​to be held in August
  • Keep playing in other game modes like “Spy Crash” and custom games
  • The maps combine diversity and mastery for new and returning players to enjoy

Why adjust the number of maps

With the advent of the new “Pearl” map, there will be a total of eight types of “VALORANT” maps. What is the intention of removing one map from here to make it seven types? Lansford explains the background. He noted that one of the most difficult elements of a tactical shooter is learning and learning from a new map. It seems that if there are too many maps to remember, the player will be confused and there will be no opportunity to learn in depth.

Then, when the map team looked at both the “diversity” and “mastery” of the map, it concluded that the “7 types” of maps were the most balanced place. Lansford emphasizes the benefits of this number because it is an exciting playing environment that is easy for new players and professional teams to learn.

With the increase in map types, not only the different names of the maps but also the places where each agent’s skills are used (the so-called “fixed points”) are often combined and preserved. This will also hinder entry of new players. In addition, many e-sports events use the BO5 format (best precaution 5/3). Since the BO5 format will play a maximum of 5 games, the current “VALORANT”, which contains more maps, requires a map truck (determining which map will be blocked in the game). Thanks to the seven types of maps in the last world championship, each team was able to choose one truck on the map. In other words, this “7” is a good number for the professional scene.

So why was the “Split” map chosen for deletion? The official website states that “the decision was made in light of various factors” while showing understanding for the dissatisfied player. It appears that “Split” was chosen after careful consideration of player impressions, the time elapsed since the map’s release, and the determination of the location of the new map “Pearl”. However, it looks like the map will be implemented again someday, and some adjustments may be made at that time.

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New rating category “Ascending”

Next, let’s check out the competitive updates. From the next Apde, a new classification category “Ascending” will be added between current and immortal diamonds. According to the explanation of the patch note, the reason for introducing the new rank is to get closer to the ideal rank distribution that the development team believes. Below are the details.

New rank: Ascendant

  • Added a new rank “Ascending” between Diamond and Immortal
    • We currently think that there are too many players in the lower ranks, especially in the Bronze and Silver medals. However, when we looked at the distribution of ranks, we found that if some players were promoted from these ranks, platinum and diamonds would be overpopulated. So we decided to solve the population rank bias problem by adding a new rank, and clarifying the skill level for each rank while maintaining the authority of the high rank.
  • With the addition of the new rank “Ascending”, the MMR targets for all ranks below the ascendant will be lowered, and the MMR targets for Immortals 1, 2, 3 and Radiants will be raised.
    • The MMR target is a cut-off value indicating the MMR required to reach the rank, and it is used to determine the amount of RR gained and to adapt the rank to the MMR.
  • In other words, players under ascension will be rated higher with this mod.
  • It will not be easy for players above Immortal, the highest ranked in VALORANT, to return to the previous episode’s ranking. This also means that the immortal population on the leaderboard will decrease in all regions.
  • Due to the season reset, at the beginning of the episode, you may not be able to upgrade without putting in some effort. However, this reset should be “less dangerous” than it was during the last loop reset. The effect of the reset on players isn’t that great, because we’re pushing the player base up to fill up the ranks.
  • However, in the next reset, many players will likely rank lower than this episode’s reset. Keep in mind that the ‘less dangerous’ reset is due to ascending rendering and is unique to this episode.
  • The maximum number of rookie players to form a group is within 3 ranks above and below the rookie player.
    • This also complies with the Platinum Collection Regulations and above.
  • Changed the highest rank distributed in a distribution battle to Asc 1 (formerly Diamond 1)
  • 25% RR penalty for 5 preset sets applied from Immortal 1 (formerly Diamond 3)
  • Solo / duo / 5 premade restrictions apply from Immortal 1 (formerly Diamond 3)
    • Previously, Diamonds 3 and above were limited to solos, duets and 5 raws, but now this limit will apply to Immortal 1.
    • With the addition of the new rank, it is now possible to immortalize penalties for a pre-made group of 5 and restrictions on singles / duos. Immortals are the ranks that will start appearing on the leaderboard, so we want players to be more explicitly responsible for their rank.
  • Due to the repetition of names due to the emergence of new ranks, the title unlocked at level 8 of the Sage Agent Contract was changed to “Critical”.
    • Changing the address was not an easy decision. However, when we looked into it, we decided to change it up because we thought it would be an opportunity to add more depth to Sage’s character and theme.

Bug fixes

And let’s check out the bug fixes. Below are the details.

a map

  • Fixed a bug where the spray could not be used on the wall in the Garden of the Sanctuary


  • Fixed a bug where planes could equip weapons while using “Tailwind”
  • Fixed a bug where Operators in Fade’s “Recon Bolt” or “Haunt” could appear in the wrong place on the minimap for a short time.
  • Fixed a bug where scope visual effects could disappear when aiming with “Tour de Force” in a room.

game system

  • Fixed a bug where the progression and absorption bars would flicker when using the Ultimate Point orb or not stretch at the farthest distance.
  • Fixed a bug where the transmission progress bar would not update when reconnecting after being disconnected during a match.
  • Fixed a bug where equipment animations were displayed at the wrong speed when equipping some weapons and their firing timing was not displayed correctly. Situations affected by this error are:
    • When the encryption comes out of the “spy cam”
    • When you earn a ball from the end points
    • When canceling and completing the spike installation

The above is the contents of patch 5.0. Many players will be pleased with the addition of the new map “Pearl” and the addition of new rating categories. On the other hand, it’s also true that there is a bit of a feeling of loneliness, like the fact that the “split” map we’re used to is actually deleted. In addition, the new Patch 5.0 update including the new map “Pearl” is scheduled to be released on June 23 JST.

“VALORANT” by Riot Games for PC is distributed free of charge.