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Update All Your Mac Apps With One Click! I Found A Useful Tool In Terms Of Security | Lifehacker Japan

Update All Your Mac Apps With One Click! I Found A Useful Tool In Terms Of Security | Lifehacker Japan

Popular latelyWaiter, Mac AppFears are growing that the car has suddenly changed hands with a mysterious new owner.Automatically updating apps is not necessarily a good idea from a security perspective.It became clear.

instead of,Mac updateUsesWe recommend that you do so.

With this app, you can easily check which apps need to be updated and see if they are safe to update. Then you can update everything at once.

Why MacUpdater is Great for App Updates

In fact, what was reported about the new owner of the bartender wasMacUpdater has alerted users about the change.It was.

The change in ownership of the bartender has not been publicly announced. MacUpdaterWarning about missing information about certificate changes and new owners in the applicationthat it.

This is one of the best features of MacUpdater.

If you install apps from outside the Mac App Store, MacUpdater is a tool that helps you check if app updates are safe.

On the right side of all the applications displayed in MacUpdater,small “i” buttonthere.

ifIf this button is red, it means that the app has update issues.It shows that. Please check this button before installing.

ifIf the button is blue, check the update release notes before installing.We Invited.

Even easier, you can also move MacUpdater to the menu bar and update apps from there.

How to use an updated Mac

After downloading and installing MacUpdater,Scan your Mac to check which apps are installed on your computer.To do so.

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Then immediatelyFind out which apps are updated and which aren't.To do so.

From here, you can update up to 10 apps with a free license, butPay $9.37 for unlimited updatesIt will be possible to do this.

When the update is ready, click “ to update each app in the list individually.Update the application“(update app) or”Upgrade the application(Upgrade App) button.

Or to select multiple apps and update them at once, clickSelect quick update apps(Select Quick App Update).

Most apps are good, but some are not.Administrator password requiredIt could be. Other than that, the whole process is smooth.

to update(Update) instead ofHe is ascending(Upgrade) is displayed for some apps because the upgrade is a major version upgrade.You may need to purchase a new license.It's from.

The professional version of MacUpdater, which costs $21.87, lets you schedule automatic updates for applications.Check apps before updatingWe recommend that you do so.

Some of my favorite apps include eg.caliberLikes,New versions must be downloaded and installed manually.There are also things.

With an updated Mac,One click processThis saved me a lot of time.

But that doesn't mean there aren't any complaints.

To my MacUpdaterThe biggest dissatisfaction is the user interface.He is.

The app looks a bit old,The design needs to be tweaked to improve usability.probably.

For example mentioned above“I”The buttons are too small.It becomes difficult to see colors accurately.I'm sure there is a better way to more effectively highlight apps that shouldn't be updated.

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ApplicationI also encountered an error where it completely freezes.an act.

There are other complaints as well. When I tried to move MacUpdater to the menu bar, it appeared in the list.“Nowhere”There was an option. This is an option to hide apps from the dock and menu.

I accidentally selected this and the app disappeared. I could only access it from the settings menu, and force quitting it didn't bring it back. Fortunately, a reboot solved the problem.

Don't miss out on student discounts!

$9.37 is already a pretty good deal, but if you're a student or live outside the world's top 40 richest countries.You can request a 40% discount by emailing the developer.

MacUpdater is a very useful and affordable application, butIt relies heavily on server-side maintenance.Please note that it will not work forever.

By DeveloperMacUpdater 3 has a deadline of January 2026It was. And after this deadline,You will have to pay again for the next version.

I think it's still a good deal, but you should know about this business model before you buy.

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