November 27, 2021


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Unter Uns Blog: How to enrich books

Books make our lives richer. While we are sitting in the room, they open up to us the big, wide world. What do I do if I don’t know that the red powered Zimtelfe is flapping its wings up to 200 times every second? I can’t stand a lot of activity at breakfast. But the older person still has to read the information to me. By the way, it is a hummingbird.

Some books make our lives richer because they depict our world so realistically. For example the series “Wild Dwarves”. There’s a late morning pass because cocoa flew across the table and Mama was angry at Papa. Then the toilet in the kindergarten was closed. But true.

Unlike books, the Internet makes our lives much poorer. Because you think you’re navigating through the vast, vast world, but you’re actually swimming in your own juice. So I came across a review of “Wild Dwarfs” on the website of a postal orders company with questionable tax ethics. The author criticized gender stereotypes: boys play with cars, and girls with dolls.

This is not a mistake. However, if I get rid of all the children’s books that contain gender clichés, my children will soon have nothing else to read. It has already started with Hansel and Gretel: Hansel has a plan, Gretel is afraid. However: in the end, it is Gretel who solves the problem with the witch by pushing the stove.

And the day will also come in the group of dwarves when Selene, a shy girl with a Turkish immigrant background, bumps into bad Richard on the cover. Anyway, I’m sticking with that: books make our lives richer. Especially since it can be used in many ways. The medium, for example, always prepares the pages of the book.

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Otherwise, the books can also be excellently used elsewhere. For example, when kids can’t reach the top of the bedroom closet. A few days ago the bike lock was on the locker. Not because we don’t maintain order. No: my sons quarrel. The middle man pointed to his brother’s bike lock with “I’ll shoot you dead!”

This was the reason for putting the lock on the locker. Suddenly he forgot the argument between the children. Together they tried to reach the castle. They had the idea of ​​putting a stack of books on an office chair and rolling them up in front of the cupboard.

Like I said, books make our lives richer and enhance individual problem-solving skills. I disassembled the heap anyway.

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