June 23, 2024


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Unidentified flying object sightings: US agency found no evidence of space technology (video)

Watch the video: A US agency has found no evidence of extraterrestrial technology – but it can’t rule it out.

Unidentified flying object sightings and alleged crashes aren’t just a concern for conspiracy theorists and science fiction fans.
The American public is anxiously awaiting a report from the US Department of Defense to be published in the next few days.
In it, the Pentagon summarized the results of investigations into the so-called inexplicable phenomena of the air.
The New York Times quoted the first findings of the report on Thursday. But anyone expecting evidence of extraterrestrial life will be disappointed. According to the New York Times, the report concluded that there is no evidence that the objects are extraterrestrial ships.
Background: At the beginning of 2020, the Pentagon confirmed the existence of inexplicable recordings and released three previously classified video recordings. Unexplainable atmospheric phenomena or things of inexplicable origin can be seen on them.
The first video shows footage from the US Air Force.
“It accelerated faster than anything I’ve seen before,” said one pilot who monitored the object in 2004.
The Washington Examiner recently reported that the US Navy has also detected underwater UFOs, or unidentified floating objects on its radar. With reference to the safety kits, the speed of the objects is said to be more than 100 knots, that is, 185 km / h.
For regular submarines, the limit is about 75 km / h. This is due to the water resistance experienced by underwater vehicles.
Even if there are some unexplained phenomena among the recordings, they do not provide any evidence of extraterrestrial activity on Earth. The government was given 180 days in December to release its information, which means the report will be presented to Congress in June.
The report prepared by the Pentagon and secret services should identify, among other things, all threats arising from unspecified weather phenomena and whether they can be traced back to foreign technologies.

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