September 30, 2023


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Ubisoft’s new anti-cheat technology makes hackers sweat

Ubisoft’s new anti-cheat technology makes hackers sweat

from Sarah Petzold
Ubisoft is currently making life increasingly difficult for hackers and cheats in their own games: new technologies ensure that some hacks are down by 78 percent. It’s not entirely clear how the publisher manages this.

After years of losing to hackers and cheaters, game developers and honest fans seem to be turning the tide. Because Ubisoft currently has two anti-cheat technologies initially, which is currently driving cheat software developers into a tight corner.

Mouse and keyboard impersonation has been reduced by 78 percent in Rainbow Six Siege

As the publisher wrote in an official Rainbow Six Siege blog post, the introduction of MouseTrap technology on consoles has reduced the number of cheats by 78 percent. MouseTrap is software that detects (illegal) use of a mouse and keyboard on a console, and thus spoils the round for players by adding an extra input lag. As a result, the program clearly exceeded Ubisoft’s expectations – the publisher predicted a 30 to 50 percent drop in plagiarism.

On top of that, Ubisoft has created another anti-cheat program using the so-called QB technology, which has reportedly resulted in over 10,000 bans to date. It’s understood that Ubisoft doesn’t reveal exactly how the QB works, but the editorial team at PCGamer suspects that the QB is related to Rainbow Six Siege’s update strategy.

This is because the developers regularly release small updates to the game’s executable file, several times a day. While these updates do not change the game for users, they do force cheat software developers to update accordingly. The result: According to Ubisoft’s own statement, several cheat providers have already stopped selling Rainbow Six Siege cheats. However, it remains to be seen if the QB can prove himself in the long term and if Ubisoft will make the expected breakthrough against hackers.

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