September 26, 2022


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Ubisoft presents the latest information on "Skull and Bones" at 3:00 on July 8. Annual "Ubisoft Forward" begins at 4:00 on September 11

Ubisoft presents the latest information on “Skull and Bones” at 3:00 on July 8. Annual “Ubisoft Forward” begins at 4:00 on September 11

Ubisoft Entertainment Develops Marine Mobility Today (July 6, 2022)“Skull and Bones”computer / PS4 / Xbox One) The program that publishes the latest information“Ubisoft Forward Spotlight On Skull and Bones”ConnectingJuly 8 3:00when you startofficial siteannounced in the .

At “Ubisoft E3 2017 Conference” in June 2017announce“Skull and Bones”“Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag”Ubisoft Singapore, which was responsible for the naval battlefield, is developing a new business, with the theme of naval battles between sailing ships, developing trade routes around the Indian Ocean, saving money while fighting enemy forces, and creating a better fleet. It was supposed to be a dance game. Initially, it was scheduled to launch in 2018, but after several release delays, development goes on, and there were rumors that it might have been canceled at some point.

However, in a performance report released on May 11,Released by the end of March 2023announce (Related articles), in late June, it became apparent that the ESRB rating was M (targeted for 17 and over), and development seemed to have progressed to the point where a rating would have been possible before I knew it.
Since the development period is long, I don’t know what the current game looks like, but the distribution should explain it in detail, so I would like you not to miss it.

You will be delivered a thumbnail of the image set #003 / Ubisoft, the program that publishes the latest information about

Ubisoft Forward will also be distributed on the official website.September 11 4:00It was also announced that it had been decided. “Ubisoft Forward” is an information distribution program of Ubisoft Entertainment that started when “E3 2020” was changed to the Internet due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus infection. At this point, little information has been released.「Assassin’s Creed Infinityor「Tom Clancy’s The Division: Heartland“Ghost Recon Frontline”,Moreover, from “Splinter Cell”new copyI look forward to the fact that there are many titles like the first report that have not been announced in detail. Information will be revealed as the event approaches.

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