November 27, 2022


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Two galaxies approach and hover. Galaxies interact in the constellation Pigeon, photographed by Hubble | sorae space portal site

【▲ Interaction with Galaxy “AM 0608-333” (Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, Dark Energy Survey/DOE/FNAL/DECam/CTIO/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA, J. Dalcanton)]

This is in stockGalaxy Interaction “Arp-Madore 608-333” (AM 0608-333)he is. Interacting galaxies are multiple galaxies that exert a gravitational effect on each other by passing each other or colliding.

In some interacting galaxies, tidal forcesThe shape is greatly deformed, and the spiral arms (spiral arms) extend like long tailsAt first glance, the two galaxies in the image seem to retain their original shape, but according to the European Space Agency (ESA), which released the image, Arp-Madore 608-333 is also due to interaction.slight distortionIt is said to happen. Incidentally, the name “Arp-Madore” indicates that it is included in the “Catalogue of Southern Alien Galaxies and Societies” compiled by astronomers Halton Arp and Barry Madore.

This image shows the Blanco 4m Telescope Observatory at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile.Dark Energy Camera (DECam)Images were acquired using (total 3 types of visible light and near-infrared filters)“Hubble”space telescope“Advanced Comet-Catching Monitoring (ACS) Camera”It is created based on the image obtained with (one type of visible light filter). DECam, as the name suggestsdark energy (dark energy)This is a 520-megapixel monitor, developed primarily for the purpose of research, and can image an area (3 degrees squared) approximately 14 times the size of the full moon in one go. Observations for dark energy research were conducted by DECam from 2013 to 2019.

According to the European Space Agency ESA, observations made by the ACS of the Hubble Space TelescopeJames Webbspace telescope or“Alma”And through the Hubble Space Telescope itselfTarget for future detailed notesIt was part of an effort to create a large database of potentially interesting celestial bodies. The first image was released by the European Space Agency on October 3, 2022 as one of this week’s Hubble Space Telescope images.

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  • Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, Dark Energy Survey/DOE/FNAL/DECam/CTIO/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA, J. Dalcanton
  • European Space Agency / Hubble A snapshot of the interaction of galaxies

Text / Matsumura Takehiro