September 30, 2023


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Try the new service “Microsoft Designer” designed with AI.  Is it ultimately a matter of user sentiment…[الأولي ب]Internet monitoring

Try the new service “Microsoft Designer” designed with AI. Is it ultimately a matter of user sentiment…[الأولي ب]Internet monitoring

I tried a preview of Microsoft Designer, Microsoft’s AI design service announced last year. It previously required a queue and approval, but is now available once you have a Microsoft account.

It’s nice to be able to easily create (create) images and text when you want to post to SNS with images, but if you strive for design quality, you will eventually feel that user “feel” is essential. I realized that it is still not possible for even an amateur to achieve professional-level design with AI, and that there is a class.

Designed to increase productivity

Microsoft Designer is a tool that can make your design work more efficient.

Looking at the development of the current generation of AI images, the high degree of perfection is amazing, but the direction is slightly different from the pursuit of “quality”, and it is possible to create a “decent” design in a short time and within a large amount, and it is suitable if you want to produce in

For example, social media posts are typical. It is not uncommon for people in charge of companies, etc., who have to send letters every day, and they don’t have much time to search for materials to publish, create messages, and modify designs. The burden of “one person responsible for SNS”, not “one person responsible for IT”, is significant.

Microsoft Designer demonstrates its strength in such “locations where designs must be mass-produced”.

Use Microsoft Designer to design an image for social media to let people know you’ve published a new article on your website.

As with the much talked about ChatGPT, An animated social media post announcing the publication of an article introducing Microsoft Designer If you give natural language instructions about what you want to make, the image is prepared automatically and the design is done. Detailed design customization is also possible.

Once you select a design, you can post it to SNS as is (compatible with Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn). The text message was at that time, too Posts to inform followers of regular updates: Microsoft Designer, Design, Easy, Needs Sense They can be generated from natural language instructions such as

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This way, all you have to do is publish everything Microsoft Designer has created, all in 5 minutes.

Searching for images and thinking about and arranging messages that used to take hours can now be done in minutes, which is a wonderful world.

Enter what you want to create in the “Description of the design you want to create” and the design will be created

You can download the created design or post it to SNS as is. You can create a text message when posting by entering the instructions in “Write a quick description about it.” “What is the main purpose of this post?” Above this box is “Raise Awareness”, but “Build Your Community” or “Increase Sales or Reservations” (Increase Sales and Reservations), etc.

Multiple candidate messages have been created for the post. Choose the one you like and post it. There are three SNS sites you can post to: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

What you can do with Microsoft Designer

Let’s take a closer look at what we can do. You can use the preview version of Microsoft Designer by visiting the following website and signing in with your Microsoft account.

▼ Microsoft Designer (Preview)
Microsoft Designer

The latest situation is also posted on the official blog below, and the Edge sidebar is also introduced, but it seems that it is being rolled out in stages, and some functions are not yet available in my environment. Please note in advance that this article is based on jobs as of May 6, 2023.

▼ Microsoft 365 Blog April 27th
Microsoft Designer expands the preview with new AI design features

Generate images using natural language

Illustrations and images used in the design can be generated by artificial intelligence to generate images. It is also possible to create animations. Japanese can also be used, but English can be created more precisely, for example, “ White bear cooling down in front of a fan, in Japanese animation style (Polar bear cooling down in front of an electric fan, Japanese animation style) You can create something close to your intention.

Illustrations can be generated

Image background removal and filtering

If you don’t want an illustration background or an image, you can remove it with one click. You can easily create a layout that combines multiple photos and illustrations.

The background of the polar bear illustration is made transparent and superimposed on the design

Planning suggestions

Paste the generated image and it will automatically suggest re-creation of the design. You don’t have to worry about where to put it or how big it is.

Promptly suggest designs that include new elements such as images

Make a copy

The Chinese refrigerated noodle season that comes every summer has arrived ‘, and they will think of a suitable version for you.

Suggested copy.From a short title to a long description, think once

Brand group (image standardization)

By pre-selecting the color of the corporate image, you can standardize the design in one click.

The image can be standardized

For some reason, when I put my hand in it, it gets ugly

So, within minutes, you’ll have a “decent” photo and message for your social media posts.

Final design

Honestly, it really is “sic”. I feel like I want to do something about font shape and size, but as I mentioned earlier, this service is more suited to mass production of decent designs with less effort than quality. Therefore, modifications should be kept to a minimum.

Or rather, if an amateur like me with no design knowledge tries to modify it, the more he tries, the worse it gets.

As a result of trying different things over the past few days, I’ve found it safer to accept AI proposals in full, just by correcting typos and line breaks, in the case of a writer who has no sense of design whatsoever.

I’m sure if Japanese language support advanced and Japanese design was learned there would be no discomfort even if the AI ​​proposal was fully accepted, but I don’t get the impression it’s far off. It’s “sic”.

For a long time, I’ve respected the designers and illustrators who make my rough and childish pictograms look good, but the direction Microsoft Designer is aiming for and the work of these professionals is different. In my impression, until now, I felt that I was able to live properly.

Easy and delicious curry has grown up but it is quite a different experience to savor the finest curries made by a professional while enjoying the atmosphere of the shop.