June 25, 2022


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Try the "CORSAIR HS65 SURROUND" Compatible 7.1 Channel Gaming Headset with SoundID to easily customize sound quality - Akiba PC Hotline!

Try the “CORSAIR HS65 SURROUND” Compatible 7.1 Channel Gaming Headset with SoundID to easily customize sound quality – Akiba PC Hotline!

「HS65 SURROUND (CA-9011270-AP)」

“HS 65 SURROUND” is a new model of CORSAIR wired gaming headset.

Both USB and analog connections are supported, and Dolby Audio 7.1 surround is available when connected via USB. Also, when connected via the included USB adapter, it supports Sonarworks SoundID, and you can easily customize the sound quality to your liking.

As a headset that can be used with both analog and USB, it is a relatively easy-to-use headset about 12,000 yen, but this time I actually tried to use it for gaming and listening to music, voice ID effect, which is a feature, let’s check the basic performance as a gaming headset.

Simple yet timeless and comfortable oval designWired gaming headset that also supports 7.1 channel virtual surround sound

The look of the HS65 SURROUND is a simple oval hood with a timeless design using hardware such as the headband and housing.

Equipped with a large 50mm diameter neodymium driver, the headphone section performs from 20-20 kHz in frequency characteristics, 111 dB (+/- 3 dB) in sensitivity, and 32 dB in impedance.

It features a simple hood shape and a solid mic arm that can maintain its shape while being flexible. The surface material is processed to have a smooth texture.

The side and oval shape allows you to completely cover your ears. The CORSAIR logo is emblazoned in the center of the mesh-like panels.

The ear pads are made of durable leather, the part that touches the ears is made of microfiber, which is breathable and has a soft feel, while the shape memory material is used as the cushioning material.

The headband part cushion has a soft feel, but also has a firm grip, and it can’t be moved easily even if you move your head.

It weighs 282 grams, which is the average weight for a gaming headset. Oval ear cushions made of a combination of microfiber and leather are highly breathable and fit comfortably in your ears. The headrest part is also equipped with a low-elastic cushion, so it does not get tired even after long-term use, and although it has a strong sense of stability, it does not feel oppressive and does not slip easily.

The headband base is a type whose length can be adjusted, the hood part also rotates, so that it can be adjusted in the appropriate position along the shape of the head.

The microphone, volume control dial, and cable extend directly from the main unit on the left cover.

A removable noise canceling microphone is used for the microphone section. Unidirectional frequency response of 10-10 kHz, sensitivity -40 dB (+/- 3dB) and voice chat with clear sound quality can be used.

In addition, the boom microphone features a flexible structure that allows it to be freely repositioned and gently bent. Since it is a flipable type, it can be stored when not in use, which is also useful to prevent forgetting to mute during a call because it becomes mute for the microphone when flipped over.

Flexible foldable microphone. Turn on the microphone when dragging, and mute the sound by flipping up.

Compatible with 3.5mm stereo mini jacks. The cable is 1.8 meters long. Connect it to a computer using a dedicated USB adapter.

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When connected to a computer, you can use the included USB adapter and combine it with the driver to use various functions such as Dolby Audio 7.1 surround sound and Voice ID that allows you to customize the sound quality. When used on a consumer game console or smartphone, it will connect analogue to a 3.5mm stereo mini jack.

The sound quality when using the game is good even if it is left as defaultMute by flipping the microphone is suitable for VC

Before using the various features of HS65 SURROUND, let’s first take a look at the performance of the headset in the hypothetical case. I checked the actual feeling of use by turning on the USB connection and Apex Legends without changing the settings.

The popular Battle Royale FPS game “Apex Legends” you fight by making full use of the unique characters. Additional items such as the new character New Castle also appear one after another.

It’s easy to understand which direction the sound is coming in, and the gaming headset’s sound quality is a good impression.

When I actually used it, I had the impression that the direction of the sound was easy to understand, and I was able to find the enemy hiding in a dead end basement. If we can quickly grasp the situation, we can take advantage of the opponent, and we can immediately cooperate with our allies and advance the battle in our favour. The performance of the gaming headset is good.

Since it also supports Dolby Audio 7.1ch virtual surround sound, you can clearly see the direction of the sound as a gaming headset, and although the bass is thick, the treble can be heard clearly without shakiness, so it is easy to hear gunshots and metal sounds to hear.

iCUE’s Dolby Audio 7.1 virtual surround function can be enabled while connected to a dedicated USB adapter.

As it is Discord’s authentication device, you can enjoy talking with friends with clear sound quality.

Also, as a personal pleasure, I felt it was easy to understand the mic on/off status. In modern games where cooperation between players is important, there are many usage scenes because the presence or absence of voice chat is highly related to the battlefield, but it sometimes fails if you forget to mute or stay silent.

In this regard, the HS65 SURROUND is designed to mute the microphone when the microphone is turned over, so that it is easier to understand the situation, and you can prevent accidental errors such as forgetting basic operations such as muting the microphone when leaving your seat and unmute when returning.

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Easy customization of sound quality by simply choosing your favorite soundSelect the user’s preferred audio quality with SoundID

Sonarworks SoundID is available via a dedicated USB adapter connection and the iCUE utility. You can easily create your own audio profile without the need for additional registration.

The preference for sound quality varies greatly from person to person, and no matter how well a headphone performs, no model gives 100 points for everyone.
I think many people adjust the equalizer to suit their tastes, but adjusting the settings one by one and repeating the work of listening to audio can be a tedious task, and there is no clear index. Therefore, it is necessary to get used to it.

It’s a tedious task for users, such as installing a sound card for the first time or using a gaming headset with a configurable equalizer utility for the first time.

The Voice ID function supported by this unit is convenient in such cases. With the HS65 SURROUND, by enabling and setting from the dedicated iCUE utility, you can improve the sound quality to your liking without having to fine-tune the equalizer. Let’s hear and compare how it really makes a difference in gaming and listening to music when SoundID is enabled.

Headphone settings can be made from the integrated utility of CORSAIR iCUE.

You can adjust the volume adjustment, adjust the equalizer, turn ambient sound on/off, etc.

Use SoundID to easily make perfect adjustments to your music and listen to music that suits your style.

Let’s listen to music with the audio ID profile you set right away and see how effective it is by comparing it with the default Voice ID turned off to see if you can actually reproduce your preferred sound quality.

Once you set the profile, you can easily turn it on/off.

We compared Wagner’s “Die Walküre’s Riding” to the free audio source when the DL and Sound ID were on/off.

When listening to music, I prefer flat sound quality without focusing on treble/bass. Gaming headphones are tuned for sound quality to make it easier to hear gunshots and sound effects, so if you’re listening to music on your gaming headset, you’ll have to move the equalizer slider aggressively to get comfortable sound quality., It’s going to be pretty hard.

However, with SoundID, as mentioned above, it’s easy to make a single adjustment, and you can get the sound quality you want without having to make adjustments while checking the sound quality multiple times. When I actually listened to and reviewed classical music, I was able to make sure that the sound quality was in the direction I liked.

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Even beginners can easily find their preferred sound quality, and once they get used to their ears, it should be easy to adjust the equalizer settings to their liking in other environments using the value set as an indicator. This function is also useful for finding out what sound quality you want.

Does the sound quality set by SoundID differ from gameplay, preferred sound quality, and practical sound quality?

Next, I tested the gameplay using the sound quality profile generated by SoundID. We played the FPS game “VALORANT” which requires a lot of research and it is important to distinguish the sound and confirm its usability.

Skill items “VALORANT” have been added to the hardcore FPS, and the battle is divided into 5v5. You can enjoy a wide variety of battles such as strategies and techniques that make full use of the skills.

If you only think about the result of the game, the HS65 SURROUND will show its performance without adjusting the sound quality. You can feel the difference between the sound quality preference when listening to music and the useful sound quality setting in the game, so please give it a try.

SoundID basically adjusts the sound quality when listening to music according to the setting method, so it does not specify a specific range such as gunshots and footsteps that are important in games. For this reason, depending on the game being played, the sound may be suppressed/emphasized too much, and even if the sound quality is preferred, it can be difficult to hear footsteps and gunshots. Since the basic sound quality of HS65 SURROUND is suitable for gaming, there is no need to force SoundID for gaming, and it may be better to use it when the default sound quality and taste are significantly different.

Since SoundID can be easily switched once a profile is created, play SoundID for everyday use like listening to music or watching videos, and use SoundID for games where you want to distinguish between steps and gunshots. It is convenient to use them correctly, such as turning them off.

For users who want to enjoy games and music with the sound quality that suits themA model that could become a collective topic as the first USB-connected gaming headset

Dolby Audio 7.1ch, a model that can be used for a long time, such versatility that it can be used with both USB and analog, a design that is not too ordinary but not too ordinary, suitable materials Every part takes into account durability. It’s a very good impression.

Also, due to the ease of setup, it is recommended for game users who want to get away from getting in. It can be said that it is a gaming headset that can be used for different purposes in one unit because it is easy to switch the sound quality to suit your taste whether it is for gaming or listening to music.