May 21, 2022


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Tribuna Expresso: Great Games | The Spanish press reconnects Diego Costa Benfica. There are other suggestions, but the player prefers the light

According to the Spanish newspaper “AS”, “a new horizon opens in front of Diego Costa,” and at the end of the tunnel, Luz may as well. After a half-season without a game, the Spain-born Brazilian striker made several performances on the schedule. Many of the shows come from the country he was born in. Atletico Mineiro, Sao Paulo or Palmeiras have already shown interest in the player who does not have a club, after Atletico Madrid was canceled.

However, the paper says, none of the proposals “are as attractive as Benfica.” “The Lisbon club will be the priority: they will pay 3.5 million euros clean per season,” says “AS”.

The sports daily reported the search for an experienced striker from Benfica’s side. Let’s remember the Uruguayan series about Cavani, last summer. In the end, the former Paris Saint-Germain player and the Portuguese club did not reach an agreement and Edinson Cavani ended up heading to Manchester United.

Although Diego Costa has an interesting history and his greatest defender is Luis Felipe Vieira, the Spanish newspaper says there are many Benfica elements questioning his signature. One of the arguments against the Brazilian’s arrival is the lack of rhythm since leaving Atl├ętico last December.

The player will have received an offer of 3 million Arabs, but according to the newspaper, Benfica will be identical to the offer and the club’s project, whether in Portugal or in Europe, more attractive. Costa is 32 years old and is not planning to withdraw.