March 29, 2023


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Tribuna Expresso: Great Games | Robin Dias is the player of the year for British sports journalists. Beat Harry Kane and De Bruyne

The Portuguese Manchester City player was named Footballer of the Year by the Football Writers Association. The Guardian says Robin Dias won a comfortable distance for runners-up, Harry Kane, and fellow Belgian Kevin De Bruyne, his fellow citizens team.

Robin Dias lived his first dream season at North West England club, with the English Premier League occupied, much media praise, and now this award, is a result of them. In addition, the former Benfica player helped the team win the League Cup and will be in the UEFA Champions League Final, in Porto, on 29 May.

Dias described receiving the award as a “great privilege” and was keen to honor his colleagues before focusing on what will come next. “I heard someone from the club say we live in the middle of a storm. Sometimes we don’t even have time to celebrate and think about things, we just keep going. (…) Next season will be a new challenge, a new season, and as a soccer player, you just have to. Being hungry all the time, ”declared the Portuguese.

Robin Dias is the third player to win an FWA Award in his first season of English football, after Jürgen Klinsmann, in 1995, and Gianfranco Zola, in 1997. Steve Nicole, from Liverpool in 1989, was the last defender to receive the FWA Award. The award is given to the best player of the season since 1948.

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